Saving Seconds on those 360 Load times with NXE

The New XBox Experience is going live to the masses, bringing with it a variety of cool features for the XBox 360, replacing the current dashboard with something new, shiny and more avatar-y. One of the more notable features (in addition to group chat, finally) will be the ability to install games directly from your 360 game disc to your HDD. The idea is that this will significantly cut down on load times.

But does it? BingeGamer has put together a nice little chart that details just how much time is saved on game loads. It’s actually interested to check out, especially if you own any of the games that they tested. Apparently, Halo 3 is actually SLOWER after the install, and Lost Odyssey seems to have the most improvement.

Overall, the seconds saved seems pretty miniscule (around 10 seconds on average) compared to the several gigabyte installs. I guess i won’t be using this feature too much, then. What do you guys think? Are load times unbearable for you? Are you excited about the NXE at all?

Source- BingeGamer

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3 thoughts on “Saving Seconds on those 360 Load times with NXE”

  1. Ugh… I only have the standard 20 gig HDD and it looks like the installing won’t do much for load times, I don’t mind waiting a few more seconds if I can save those precious few gigabytes I have left on my hard drive.

  2. I….I don’t have an HDD that could handle that! My 20 is already at like 7.6 left. That means I could install like 1 game…forget that.

    Eddy….is that an add on this site… o.o

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