Calling All Pervivores- RPG Innuendoes


If you laugh at this, you are a perv. Go ahead, try not to laugh. This is a clip from a PS2 RPG called Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia that’s just begging for you to watch. Though be careful… there are some who might consider the material racy. But only if their mind is in a naughty place.

For the record, I lol’d. Muchly.

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15 thoughts on “Calling All Pervivores- RPG Innuendoes”


    K, I’m a perv. I couldn’t breathe for like 5 minutes after watching this. I just played the audio for some friends over Ventrillo, they cracked up too.

  2. I laughed about once, then it got…not so funny. Its obvious they made it so it was awkward. They are Japanese.

  3. Well are the Japanese perverts or this is just a…nasty coincident? But come to think of it could be a great way to thought young kids about sex. 😀 Well it was a nice laugh.:D:D:D

    Hey umm what is the link to GT for this…interesting video?

  4. Anthony. Word.

    Man, those developers are pathetic. Either they are so perverted that they couldn’t resist putting this clip in the game, or they’re oblivious to the billions of sexual innuendos that just happened.

    To quote The Leet World, “God. So stupid!!” (Yeah, it’s a stretch. But Ellis did say that. Something about having sex with his cousin, and she asked him what his name was. Yeah. I know.)

  5. wow, I never realized how much of a perv I was until I saw this video, dirty boy I am!!!
    but come on, who didnt laugh once at that?
    and they didnt once mention protection! what are we teaching our kids these days!

  6. who thought this would be a good idea? I can’t imagine a set of circumstances where this would be created. Still, one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen.

  7. cant. stop. Luaghing.
    My god that was funny.
    Im a perv! yay…
    Also, that just seems a bit “odd” considering what was actually going on. I think we are all Pervs when it comes to something so obviously an inuendo as that.

  8. wow…i was laughing so hard haha!! I can’t believe the developers didn’t see that coming haha

    “PUSH IT ALL THE WAY” yes i guess i am a perv, aren’t we all?

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