Mirror’s Edge Arrives, Sneaky Style

So in all the hoop-lah from Gears of War 2 over the weekend, I forgot that Mirror’s Edge was going to show up today. Today! I’m totally at a loss for how I’m going to manage to play this game with everything else, seeing as how I need to move on to other games, but keep playing Horde mode. Anywho, there are some new videos out on GameTrailers showing even more of this awesome gameplay, and reviews are starting to come out everywhere as well.

The question, as always- who’s actually picking this up today? Let us know!

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5 thoughts on “Mirror’s Edge Arrives, Sneaky Style”

  1. I saw the GT review. Looks good and hopefully it wont be too repeatative. Only a 7 hour campaign *sigh* seems like the average campaign time is really dropping in games today.

  2. The condom add still is weird XD The northern kid who calls it a jimmy hahaha

    Hehe they just stood there int he open when the bullets flew

  3. Damn it all…Gotta wait til January to get the PC version >:(

    Oh well. I guess it gives me time to read the reviews for other platforms and see if it’s really as good as it’s supposed to be.

  4. Don’t forget Cod:WaW came out too! I got into the beta and it looks like Cod4 which some ppl are disspointed at.

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