Left 4 Dead Goes Zombies on a Plane

We all want Left 4 Dead. Zombies and such. Well, part of the goodness that is L4D is the main campaign which can be played as 4 player co-op, or if you have no friends, by yourself. This campaign is split into 4 acts. So far, we only know that one is in the corn fields, one is in a hospital, and some new details have recently emerged about a third act, “Dead Air”, which takes place in an airport.

The dudes over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have meticulously constructed what they call a Photo Essay of this part of the campaign, spoiling everything and showing you all the details that you could possibly want to know about this great zombie shooter. Beware though, there are spoilers galore, especially considering that this is possibly the last act of the game.

The Left 4 Dead demo also drops on XBL today. Excited much?

Source- Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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10 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead Goes Zombies on a Plane”

  1. 😛 I’ve already played through the demo, this entire weekend it’s all that I did, lucky for us pc gamers, the devs forgot to take out the playability of the infected, so (using a console command)…fooling around on aim_ag_texture2 me and a few friends were having wall jumping contests with the hunters XD.

    Guns are awesome, levels are awesome, zombies are awesome.

    I got 14 hours of gameplay out of the first 2 levels of the first campaign.

    And for the record yes, we did beat it on impossible / expert :).

    I honestly see a huge amount of cool mods come out using the AI director , models etc.

    I’m really hoping for a good Zombie RP mod, some of them on Gmod are just plain horrible.

  2. lol nice veNom, 14 hours already? I’m dloading the demo right now (curse my slow internet!) and can’t wait to try it lol.

  3. Just got home a few minutes ago from class. Stopped at Gamestop to reserve L4D for my PC. Gonna be EPIC. I had to make sure my friends got the PC version so I could play with them though…they really wanted it on 360, but I said something to the effect of “NOOOOO, WHO AM I GONNA PWN TEH ZOMBIES WITH???”. They’re getting it on PC now 😛

  4. Got talked into pre-ordering this when I went to pick up Gears…guess this demo will determine whether I actually pick this up or not. Assuming I can get around to trying it out in time…

  5. Just finished the PC demo on easy…well…its easy. Gameplay is solid, but I think I’m gonna have to play with friends on a harder difficulty to get anything out of this game.

    I will say this, though. That witch scared the SHIT outta me.

  6. Just played with a friend last night on Normal in co-op…frickin epic…it wasn’t as great as I expected but I had really high expectations so I think it is definitely worth it. I love it 🙂

  7. Yeah that witch was scary as hell. When i first heard it i knew what it was from the intro video posted a few days ago, i was like aw hell no. I was sneaking around very slowly and the fact you had to put the flashlight off made it worse. First time round i thought you had to kill it…..i shot it allright…it never turned out well. It ended up sprinting towards me with its arms to the side and it knocked me to the ground. Though it’s a great game all round. No mercy to tha zombehs!

  8. Awwww… I really want this but my PC is banned from games after my Oblivion marathons (damn parents!). Guess I’ll have to find out if the PS3 development rumours are true or not. Bearing in mind, Half Life wasn’t goin to appear on it.

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