LBP Levels Moderated, Swallowed by Vast Maw

Got LittleBigPlanet? Love lots of intellectual property? Love creating levels? Love mixing those two things together? Well, be careful, because it seems that Media Molecule is obliterating- excuse me, moderating- dozens of LBP user created levels without warning, They are now being absorbed into the wide maw of the Internet, never to be heard from again.

There have been many reports of players unable to access their maps any longer, with little to no messaging from the dudes behind Sackboy and his lovable little friends. Hopefully, this issue gets resolved, though I imagine it’s sticky ground for LBP and its creators to deal with violations of copyright, as it’s some of the trickiest stuff in law.

Do you think this ruins the fun of LBP in some small way? I’ve heard some of the best levels are Batman, Pacman and Sonic related.

Source- Little Big Workshop Forums

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5 thoughts on “LBP Levels Moderated, Swallowed by Vast Maw”

  1. It sucks, but I understand why. They don’t want to get sued and they have to protect themselves. The homages to those IPs are cool, but the original content has been pretty fun too. People will just have to use their imagination more and not rely on crutches.

  2. I understand intellectual property and all that, but its all user-created stuff right? If the game was on PC, and the levels were available on a 3rd party mod site (ie Fileplanet), I doubt there would be an issue. I also doubt that holders of the copyrights are being harmed in any way by the players of this game.
    Just my two cents, anyway.

  3. You gotta remember, when IP theft occurs, it never directly affects the holder of a copyright in the first place. When you download music or movies illegally, you didn’t cost a band or studio any money, they just lost what they would have gained had you bought it from them. People tend to care when their property rights are being violated, even when there’s no real harm, which is probably the case with LBP. So the makers of the game have to play it real safe, because if they keep getting sued over illegal levels on their game, it would eat into their profits quite a bit.

  4. Update: Sony/Media Molicule has thanked there thousands of creators and told them that avoid “moderation” simply do not include any logo’s or ingame screenshots of non sony made games
    2.Have said they were going to start informing users a little big more when there levels get SWALLOWED BY VAST MAW!!!!

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