Who Else Got Gears of War 2?

So I got Gears of War 2 at midnight last night, and then played til just after 4 in the morning, central standard time. I’m about to hop on it again, too. I got about almost halfway through the game I’m guessing, and I wanted to leave a few impressions.

If you were even remotely a fan of the first campaign, get this game. So far, I’d have to say it’s tougher, huger and more epic than the first. There are constantly more enemies, more objectives, and all the new gameplay features work out really well together. I haven’t even dipped into the multiplayer modes yet, but I think the campaign is going to be a distraction for hours to come. Save for one completely out of place level (you’ll know it when you play it).

So yeah, weigh in if you got this game already or plan on getting it in the near future. If there are enough of us, I’d like to try a GamerSushi community match at some point in the near future. Let me know!

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13 thoughts on “Who Else Got Gears of War 2?”

  1. pay day is next thusday so I’m definity picking it up. My xbl gammertag is ipainredefined if you end up starting something. I’m a pretty chill dude (Canadian 🙂 )

  2. In the interest of saving gas and for the sake of efficiency, I’ll be picking Gears 2 up along with World at War. Argh, but that means I’ll be fighting over curb- stomping in GoW2 or Nazi-/Imperial Soldier-pwning in CoD:WaW!
    Well, I guess that’s what the weekend is for. Even though I’ll be waiting four or so days before I get to the actual weekend. Whatever. I’ll just pray for no homework every night.

    Anyway, Gears 2 is so epically huge in my pants, it’s not funny. Well, maybe a little.

  3. Because I don’t have a 360 and I want to play this, I tend to ignore all news about it. Like an ostrich’s head in the sand. So glad you enjoy it, but *sticks fingers in ears*

  4. You want to know what really sucks? My copy is sitting right behind me in all it’s glory. But my parents insist that since it is a Christmas gift I was till then…..This sucks.

  5. Picked this up yesterday for free. Traded in a couple of my games that were collecting dust.

    Played Co-op campaign with a buddy of mine in a beer and pizza fueled all-niter. The game is a huge improvement over Gears one with bigger battles and a heavier emphasis on the gore.

    The basic game play mechanics are the same, but few games do the cover mechanic as well as Gears does.

    By they way, Eddy, if you and I are thinking about the same level, yeah, it was totally out of place.

  6. I’ve completed the game (yes already) and i just can’t rack my brain to think of the level i really can’t. The fact that you can play against bots is pretty interesting, though the bots have some pretty insane blindfire sniping skills. The mutiplayer is fantastic, the games i have played have been chainsaw fests. It’s great being down on the ground and blowing yourself up along with a person who thought it was a good idea to sit and let me crawl. The smoke grenades knocking people over was a good inclusion to the game. Though it’s sometimes hard to find them in the smoke. The only 2 downsides are the awful matchmaking system and the pointless addition of ranks. First of all, in the few ranked games i’ve played the matchmaking system has taken an eternity to find me a team then a match. Moving on to ranks, they are pretty pointless as far as i have seen. No achievement for reaching the highest rank, no unlockable characters and no unlockable weapons either. Heck it doesn’t even tell you how much XP you have or how much you need for the next rank. These downsides are pretty minor though. If you have a 360 you must, i repeat you must buy this game. Oh and what’s that level?

  7. [quote comment=”1889″]You didn’t get an achievement for CoD4 either but everyone still did it.[/quote]

    Yeah but you unlocked weapons didn’t you? You had something to go for. You had weapons, camoflages, perks and even unlocked challenges. There is nothing to go for.

  8. i got gears 2….
    havent beaten campain yet cause im playing by myself nd its set to hardcore

    i beat Horde mode…. thats right
    almost 5 hours of me and 4 other ppl pwning endless waves of locust while in the barn on river. all this….. for the 30 GS from the achivement… i am such an achivement whore

  9. well i dont know if anyone still checke’s these old posts, but if you do, can could you please tell me that level thats out of place? personally i think its the driving one, with the centaur, and its dark and your in a cave. but if youre thinking about the level with niles and the sires, (no spoilers cause you have to play the game to know what im talking about), then i dont think its out of place at all, it clearly has a something to do with the story and mabey a fall back plan for humanity, so i deff dont think thats out of place at all, but if thats the level your thinking about could you please tell me. other then that amazing game, id love to play a horde match with you gyse. (xbl tag in an older post here) and how far have u gyse made it? last night i was with some friends and (well on casual 🙁 ) we made it to level 49, i was pretty jacked.

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