Call of Duty: World at War Launch Trailer

Get your grunge rock hats and gaming helmets on, because the Call of Duty: World at War launch trailer is upon us. I can’t believe this game is out this coming Tuesday. Lots of sweet explosions, slow motion headshots, and action galore. Can’t wait!

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5 thoughts on “Call of Duty: World at War Launch Trailer”

  1. wow. i mean. i was actually avoiding this game, really i hated it, i loved cod4 but i cant even fix myself up to beat cod 3. i mean, i actually threw the game into a fire i hated it so much. so this seemed like another cod3. all the other trailers ive seen ive hated, but this. this. im amazed. this trailer to me is up there with the halo 2 tv spot and the gow mad world trailer. (lol)gends.

  2. This is looking good, I must say. Treyarch certainly went all out in portraying the most brutal conflicts of the second World War.

    The release date also falls on Remembrance Day (sort of like Veteran’s Day for you guys, I guess) here in Canada. Unfortunate coincidence?

  3. Uh, can anyone say “Hoo-ah?” While it was a pretty cool trailer, it had a very…propaganda-ish feeling. Whatever. I mean World at War is trying to portray WW2 like nevarrr before, since it’s so gritty and there’s no loud-ass Medal of Honor trombone to be heard. So with the new crazier music, gritty settings and gore, and the F-Artillery Strikes courtesy of Jack Bauer, CoD:WaW looks sweeeeeeeeeet.
    And yes, CoD:WaW comes out on Veteran’s Day. How cute.

  4. For everyone who said it was going to be just like Call of Booty 4… your freaking heart out.


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