Today’s WTF: Video Game Endings

So I stumbled across MasterofHyrule’s YouTube page today, and he’s got some pretty hilarious videos concerning video games on his account. I think maybe the best and most awesome series has to be “Lame and Horrible Video Game Endings”, of which there are four installments. Basically, he just shows some of the most ludicrous (and WTF enducing) video game endings of all time, for your enjoyment. Check out his page and give this one a watch.


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10 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Video Game Endings”

  1. Speaking of lame endings, I HATE Fallout 3’s ending there is only like 5 different ones and you cant explore after which sucks so much.


    I cracked UP at the Dynasty Warriors ending. Seriously, how many people does a game have to go through before it gets published? And they let THAT through?

    In defense of most of the old games though, its kind of hard to give an epic ending to a 8 or 16 bit game without it looking a tad odd.


    How sad.

  3. Of all these truly WTF? endings, Dynasty Warriors 5 takes the cake. You can forgive the old games for their crappy endings because, you know, they’re old. But DW5 is a current gen game, and its ending is just so…


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