Gamepro’s List of Top 26 RPG’s Of All Time… just released their list of the 26 Best RPGs and like every list, this one seems destined to start up some controversey. And I am happy to oblige. No LARP’s allowed!

First off, they do get a lot of games right. But let’s take a look at a few that are way too low or too high. Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, a PSP remake is at #19, ahead of Skies of Arcadia, which is much better in my opinion. But thats a small one, no harm there. Oblivion is behind Suikoden III, which is amazing since people are STILL playing Oblivion and Suikoden, while great, never grabbed me like Oblivion.

All these are minor complaints though. Here is a big one: Xenogears is a spot ahead of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES. WHAAAT? Xenogears was great, but that Zelda is probably the most beloved game in the series and the reason for that is because its AWESOME! WTF???

I have no problems with anything else until we get to #5: Fallout 3. This game has been out a week and its in the top 5? I hate when lists do this crap. Just because it is new does not mean it will stand the test of time, so wait before you include it so high. The other issue is #1: Final Fantasy VII. What a surprise. Such a lazy choice.

Let me explain something, as the GamerSushi Final Fantasy Fanatic: FF VII is a great game. I love it. But it can’t be the best RPG because it’s not even the best in its SERIES! Final Fantasy V has the best job system and Final Fantasy VI has been regarded as the best game in series for quite some time. And FF VI isn’t even ON the list. Neither is Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS1, which is much better than Disgaea!

So that’s my rant about this, what do you guys think? Any games that were left off or placed too high?

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  1. I’m ok with FF VII being #1 of all time 🙂

    But yeah, my main grievance (and this is just opinion, of course) is that it includes Fallout 3, which, as you said, has only been out for a week. Jumping the gun a little.

    I’m also not a fan of them ranking Mass Effect ahead of KOTOR. Heck, Jade Empire was probably better than Mass Effect.

    I must say that I am shocked to not have FFVI on there in the slightest.

  2. Your party enters a large antechamber. The light from your torch only illuminates a small area around you.

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    “I will now arbitrarily pick the top RPGs, and throw in some that aren’t really RPGs in the strict sense of the genre. Discuss!”

    A small paper appears in front of your party, detailing said list. As your party bends over the paper, you hear your paladin snort in disgust.

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    Your mage quickly turns to the paladin to defend Ocarina’s status as an RPG. Soon, your entire party is embroiled in in-fighting as you debate the finer points of yet another completely random Top Games of a Genre list.

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  3. fallout 3 is a good game and it’s predacesors did very well. an i alone in thinking Jade Empire was good?

  4. Im not surprised at VII being #1
    Seriously, thats the FF you hear about, and FF is like the unofficial ULTIMATE RPG.

    Oblivion I think could be higher, and to be honest should replace Fallout 3. Fallout 3 is hyped, it is too early to say if its better. The other Fallouts didst get much attention either it seemed. I played KOTOR II not 1 and it was fun. Also I played Ultima Online, but not the RPG series.

  5. marth, you win. Best post,lol.

    Jade Empire was kind of a disappointment for me. Didn’t even finish it.

    KOTOR I think is better than Mass Effect, but what do I know, i love star wars. Even the cartoons!

  6. [quote comment=”1829″]Am I the only one who doesn’t like KOTOR?[/quote]


    Haha, nah. I understand it’s not some people’s cup of tea. I think it being Star Wars was a huge amount of its appeal.

  7. [quote comment=”1830″]marth, you win. Best post,lol.[/quote]

    Thanks, lol. Your insistence of no LARPing was too tempting to not to thwart, haha.

    I’m honestly surprised that Fallout one didn’t make it anywhere on that list. (Unless I was totally oblivious to it)

    KOTOR was awesome, but it’s first hour is definitely trying, even for huge Star Wars fans.

  8. I may be a bit biased, but NOT A SINGLE Dragon Quest(or Warrior) game? This list is fail just because of that. 🙁

    FAIL I SAY!!

  9. [quote comment=”1842″]Bit, you are 100% right. I didn’t even realize that.

    Gamepro owes us all an apology![/quote]

    Lol, damn right. I’ll be honest and admit I didn’t read their reasoning behind their list (just the titles), but it’s an injustice! 😛

  10. Didn’t GamePro do the same kind of thing with the Best FPS’s? Ya know, where IT WAZ DOIN IT RONG? Whatever. Official lists always mess it up just so they don’t REALLY offend people. And they put recent games (Fallout 3 in this case) in high locations as advertisement. Meh.
    But did it say Fallout 3 or just Fallout? I can understand Fallout 1 a bit better than Fallout 3 in terms of justifying its rank.

  11. Oh, I forgot to give my top 5, since I like to spite Gamepro.

    5. Persona 3
    4. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
    3. Mass Effect
    2. Fallout 3
    1. …Can I just say the whole FF series?

  12. I have finally decided to register, the main reason being to complain about these terrible lists. This list just fails, the positioning of some of the games are just completely wrong. Oblivion should be much higher thats for a fact. This website should just quit and go do something else. It’s beyond a joke. On another matter am i the only one who completely hates Final Fantasy?

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