A Gaming Emergency!

So I’m exactly in the position that i didn’t want to be in: I’ve got a bunch of games to play, and I’m dabbling a little in each one, without ever really jumping into one to finish it.

Right now, I’ve got: Fable 2, Saint’s Row 2, Fallout 3 and Little Big Planet sitting in my apartment, and I’m just knocking out a bit here and a bit there. To top it all off, Gears of War 2 releases later this week, and after playing the Mirror’s Edge Demo (more on that later) and seeing the new Prince of Persia trailer, I’m in a bad spot.

Basically I’ve decided to get organized with this, so I don’t just spin my wheels here. I’m going to knock out Saint’s Row 2 first since I’m the furthest in, then move onto Fable 2 (until Gears of War 2 comes out, which I’ll probably finish the day of). After that, who knows. Fallout 3 and LBP might dominate my life.

Who else has gaming situations going on like this? What games have you already bought, and how are you enjoying them so far? Discuss!

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7 thoughts on “A Gaming Emergency!”

  1. I beat Saint’s Row 2 in a gaming marathon to get that out of the way. Started off as a two-day rental, but I bumped it up to a week once I realized how much fun it was.

    I’m kind of drowning in triple-A titles, too. Thankfully, Fable2 didn’t grab my attention, so I was able to focus on Fallout3. With Gears dropping on Friday, I can probably hit that over the weekend, and get back to some post-apocalyptic goodness.

  2. I am right there with you eddy, endwar comes out tomorrow, just beat fable 2, i liked it, more than the first one actually. but i think dabbling is better sometimes because you play one game so much to beat it you can get sick of it too quickly..

  3. Eddy, you know Im in your boat. I have been behotching about this for a while now. I cant stand it either because everyone who I play games with is on something different. Fallout 3 will always be there, but Far Cry is blah to me. School makes it harder for me to finish these games.

  4. Omgosh same here lol.

    I mean i just bought Fallout 3, then i get into the COD WAW beta for pc, so then I’ve been playing both off and on, now L4D comes out soon so i’m left with all 3 dominating me!! D: 😀

  5. I have see you’ve been caught in a sand trap. It’s eating you little by little. The only way to get out is keep playing 1 game, and forget about the others until later.

    Trust me, It happened to me too 😛

  6. Ahahaha, oh man. The same happens to me too. But it’s nice to see you organizing, so I’m behind you taking the games one at a time. Better that than having a bunch of crappy reviews that I have to all read.
    Anyway, the Holidays are always like this. So many games are competing for your munny at the same time. You really can’t blame them. They just want to cash in at the time of giving.
    At Christmas time, I’ll have Call of Duty: World at War, Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, Left 4 Dead, and Halo Wars (if it comes out around the Holidays). Like you said, FO3 might start to dominate my life, but I see CoD:WaW doing that moreso than FO3. Anyway, I’m swamped as it is. I’ve never really had a year where I’ve had five – and possibly more, particularly if I can get Mirror’s Edge – games to play in one holiday. Luckily, I’ll have two weeks to try them all out, because our school has finally realized that Christmas is cooler than February. Only a little, though. Black History Month IS pretty kickass.

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