Little Big Planet as a Shooter

At some point, the Internet will stop going crazy over LittleBigPlanet levels, but I admit, that day is not today. I’m still fascinated by what people can do in this game, and it always seems to grow the more people get their hands around the game and some of its tools. This next level is a re-creation of the first level of Gradius, the side-scrolling space shooter. I really can’t believe it.

I caved and bought this game over the weekend and so far I love it. How many of you guys have played it?


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4 thoughts on “Little Big Planet as a Shooter”

  1. lol i know i said that i think this game is going to be a fad but i still want to get it. REALLY R EALLY badly =/ god i hate not having my own source of income..

  2. I think it will have legs. I did my first level and within an hour 60 people played it!

    Only 3 hearted it though, b/c it kind of sucks, but for a first try, not too bad.

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