Gears of War 2 Reviews Rolling In

As many of you know, Gears of War 2 finally hits this Friday, November 7th. I am actually taking off work for the day, not just for the release, but let’s be honest, it played a big part of it. The exciting thing is that Microsoft has now lifted the embargo on reviews of the game, so they’re starting to pour in like crazy.

Videogaming247 has put together a list of some of the reviews, and I couldn’t help but glance at a couple of them. All told, Gears of War 2 sounds awesome, and is longer, deeper and more epic than the original. I can’t wait. GOWFans also has 50 new high-res screenshots.

Who else is getting Gears of War 2?

Source- Videogaming247

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7 thoughts on “Gears of War 2 Reviews Rolling In”

  1. My Dad Pre-ordred it for my for Christmas…so won’t get to play MY copy till then. But odds are I’ll rent it just to get the story line.

  2. Seriously thinking of joining you in playing hookey on Friday – I could use a day off anyway. Halo 3 was the last time I did the midnight launch thing, and the temptation to do so Thursday night is building.

  3. Definitely picking this up day one. Not taking the day off work, though; money is a bit more important than gibbing Locust.

    Still excited, though.

  4. This month makes me sick. I will get this game at some point. Prob friday…maybe not though.

    I am still addicted to Fallout 3. Far Cry 2 just…is dead now. It got way boring after Fallout 3 came out. Maybe Ill trade that in, though it is worth beating. Just id rather accomplish a lot in Fallout 3 in an hour rather than jack diddly in Far Cry 2

    I really cant afford the time to properly Enjoy GOW2. Seriously F$%@ the game companies for this barrage of games….Some of us have college to pass damn it!!!


  5. Gears 1 was great and everybody loved it. Now Gears 2 is even better than Gears 1 in practically every way. You don’t see that in a lot of sequels – where EVERYTHING has been improved. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gears 2 got a 10 from at least one reviewer.

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