Left 4 Dead Opening Cinematic

Wow, do I want this game something awful. Here is the opening 4 minutes of Left 4 Dead, Valve’s upcoming co-op zombie shoot-em-up. I for real can’t wait for this. After Gears of War 2, it’s my most anticipated title of the Fall. Just watch it. There’s not much else to say about how awesome this game looks.

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11 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead Opening Cinematic”

  1. I’ve seen it a couple times… I just can’t get tired of watching it. It suck that it comes out earlier in the U.S. ,(I’m Portuguese) because I really want this game.Really. I get kind of freaked out by the Witch… and I’m not the greatest fan of horror movies… and I hate zombies… But I still want to buy it!! November 21 is still so far away 🙁
    Got to wait for the demo on the 11th…

  2. That trailer was better than every zombie movie I have ever seen combined. This game has the potential for over 9000 kinds of epic win.

    I’m not feeling very well atm, but that statement sounds good to me for now.

  3. “We only crossed the street. Don’t throw a party just yet.”

    That trailer is so bad ass. I’ve been eagerly awaiting L4D for a long time. It might be the game that pulls me away from Fallout 3.

  4. holy..this game looks pretty good ^^ hmm..l4d could be in theaters but..will smith movie n all that..either way though i’d love to see this game cinema style. i’d love to see silent hill homecoming cinema style O_o would probably be way better than saw

  5. replaces ‘[quote comment=”1716″]Holy shit this was epic…just hope the game isn’t this hard. XD[/quote]
    this’ with that.

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