The Big Nintendo Release List

So Nintendo has taken the time to put together a big mega list of every Nintendo game being released in 2009. This list includes both Wii and DS titles from first, second, third and every party in between. There are a surprising amount of games on there, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Now, how many of these games will be good and how many am I looking forward to? Umm… that part is a little harder to quantify. In a season where we’ve seen so many great releases and Nintendo has offered nothing, it’s hard to get excited about an Animal Crossing title in 2009 or a Dead Rising port.

But then again, I’m cynical. I do want Sin and Punishment and Super Punch Out, though.

What about you guys? Anything on the list you’d like to get your hands on for next year?

Source- Kotaku

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9 thoughts on “The Big Nintendo Release List”

  1. Pokemon Platinum, Mario & Luigi 3 and Chinatown Wars? Looks like I’m getting a DS for Christmas.(yeah, I still play the pokemans games.)

    Besides Super Punch Out, I don’t really see much of interest. Mario Tennis was good on the ‘Cube, but I don’t think I’ll pick that up again.

  2. I can’t wait for Malleo and Weegee Three, but I hope they don’t botch it up into submission. I have this nagging feeling that M&L rpg3 won’t live up to Superstar Saga – easily my favorite Mario game evarrr. But like Snowman said, Pikmin 3 for the Wii would be amazing. It would! They could use the Wiimote to select and order Pikmin so much easier than with a GameCube controller! That’d be a good use of Motion Control.

  3. Finally! I’ve been waiting for some new DS games. I might get platinum, but Mario and Luigi 3 will be a must buy for me. I loved the first two. Also the Fire Emblem remake on DS looks fun, I’ll be getting that. Don’t hate me when I say this but I never played Chrono Trigger, but if it’s as good as everyone says it I’ll definitly buy it for sure. For wii, *sigh* doesn’t look too interesting. I already have the two gamecube ports listed there and added waggle controls aren’t enough to make me buy them again. Anyone else notice “Biohazard” on the Japanese third party wii list? Hopefully it’s a sign of a new Resident Evil game here.

  4. I dunno, the Nintendo DSi is looking pretty good all by itself. I lost my copy of the DS Internet, and with it built in as well as two cameras and an SD port, the DSi looks like Nintendo’s hard hitter. And I hope they enable PictoChat to work on the Nintendo WiFi Network.

  5. Sin and Punishment 2, Punchout, and the import Tatsunoko will probably be just enough to quench my Wii-thirst for a little while. But let’s be adults, this list is just terrible, and the die-hard Nintendo fans deserve better.

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