Sony Patents Motion Control Device, Good for Waggles

Sigh. Given Nintendo’s hysterical success this generation, this shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. We all knew it would come to this. With rumors of Microsoft working on a similar device, it seems that the end is nigh for those of us that like to play games like normal people: Sony has patented a motion control device.

The device relies on ultrasonic and video signals to track its position in relation to a camera and its distance away from it. It actually seems more like a break-apart controller that can be reassembled in different formations, including a massive beating stick.

So what do you guys think? Sony just covering its bases? Or the sign that next gen is going to be super motion-tastic from more than just Nintendo?

Source- Videogaming247

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10 thoughts on “Sony Patents Motion Control Device, Good for Waggles”

  1. i really hope the industry doesn’t go this way. im a fan of a controller, not an 8 year old waggle stick.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. While I love the occasional motion control enhancement, this is just nuts.

    I mean, a great controller won’t make a bad game fun, but a bad controller can make a great game not fun.

  3. Keeping up with the Jones’s…..


    In today’s world, anything radically different will be copied until it’s the norm, I suppose.

  4. I just hope the next gen isn’t all Wii. There’re some things only a Wiimote can do, and others that only a controller can do. Well.

  5. I guess I better start upgrading my PC cuz it’s probably all I’ll ever play if the entire industry goes waggle.

  6. I dunno about you guys..and not saying that the WII isn’t fun and all..but I kinda prefer the control/keyboard method of gaming until it’s actually something you can control with your mind or whatever. I mean I dunno..maybe I’m just a lazy ass but still..waving my arms around for 5 hours straight to level up in some game/get through the story? Idk about that. Then again..the America today does need a work out.

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