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Well, for any of you that are interested in Mirror’s Edge, you should know that a demo will be available today on PSN, and tomorrow on XBox Live Marketplace. In total, the demo is going to include a portion of the single player campaign, the entire prologue, and some basic tutorials.

I’m really excited to check this out tomorrow. I know I’ve said it before, but seeing this game in person is just a sight to behold, and I never actually got hands-on time with it at PAX, which I was totally dying for. If any of you guys play this on PSN today, be sure to drop us a line and let us know what your thoughts are.

Who’s planning on buying/renting this game?

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7 thoughts on “Mirror’s Edge Demo”

  1. I played the PS3 demo and it was actually good. I just like the first person free running concept, it does feel like a “true first person” game. I hope the levels aren’t repetitive but still its a good game.

  2. I played the demo last night. I must say, the sense of speed is there. There is a lot of potential for a disciplined gamer to get in “the zone” as they play through this game. It reminds me of the satisfaction you get when you dodge an onslaught of enemy bullet patterns in Strikers or Raiden; the longer you go without getting hit, the more enjoyable the game becomes. This sense of accomplishment in a game can be very euphoric, and I believe Mirror’s Edge delivers. Additionally, I would say the plot intrigues me, and the game’s style reminds me of the avant garde landscape of Aeon Flux (before it was a movie). These are all great reasons to check this game out.

    However, the jaggies are pretty surprising for a game that prides itself on a clean, streamlined presentation. We know the 360 and PS3 are capable of better aliasing and so it might take the wind from some of our sails. Overall, in spite of the jaggies, I have a hard time removing this one from my list of potential “Buys” for the year.

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