Zombie Infection in WoW

Starting last weekend, zombies began appearing in World of Warcraft, infecting all in their path with their hatred of the living and their love of tasty non-NPC flesh. Basically, anybody that came into contact with a zombie had to get a cure, or become a zombie themselves.

Hundreds of thousands were infected. It was meant to be a fun Halloween game plus a promotion for the upcoming expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. However, Blizzard had to put an end to the blight yesterday. Why, you ask?  Because grumpy WoW players couldn’t have any fun, and were upset that the zombies were ruining their gameplay experience.

I guess not everyone shares my feelings that Zombies make everything better.

I actually find this whole thing hilarious. There was a rumor going around the Web last week that Rockstar was going to release GTA IV DLC that turned the game into kind of a zombie expansion, but that turned out to just be some multiplayer fun. Which, while cool, wasn’t as cool as all of Liberty City being filled with the Undead.

So what do you guys think about Blizzard’s WoW Zombie prank? Fair or foul? Sounds like WoW players were just being whiny to me.

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9 thoughts on “Zombie Infection in WoW”

  1. Ha, if I actually played WoW I would probably try to get my character to turn into a zombie. Yeah, those WoW players were just being whiny. I guess years of playing WoW and having no real life had stripped them of any sense of humor. Oh well.

  2. If this were a normal MMO, people would have loved it. The majority of WoW players probably didn’t mind, but WoW is notorious for having players with dangerous addictions to it, and to have their playing experience interrupted for a few days, even by zombies, would be unacceptable. My question is, why does Blizzard care? The people who complained weren’t going to quite WoW or anything, and Blizzard has shown that they really only care about your wallet.

    Epic Fail Streak – 5G

    Get three epic fail blunders within a month and a half.

    Way to go, Blizzard.

  4. Well, the problem was that if you got killed by an NPC and not a player as a zombie, you took durability damage to your gear…which costs in-game money to fix. So people saving up for item, leveling professions, etc. were kinda SOL for a few days….or just broke

  5. What was interesting was the fact that mass groups of NPCs could get infected. Once they were, you had a legion of zombies at your side. The only reason that was bad is that, soon, all the major cities were full to the brim of zombie NPCs.

    Now, imagine going to Shattrah, taking a portal to SW, spawning, and having to run for your life because zombie mages are on your tail? You couldn’t use the AH for 2 minutes without getting infected. Worse of all, a zombie would run into a room and explode, infecting EVERYONE. As a pally, I tried to purify everyone i possible could, but you had to mash the purify button about 10 times before the disease went away. The disease lasted a minute sometimes. You cant cure everyone. Me and a few others were holding SW Keep from a horde of zombies, with the AD Purifiers on our backs… It was fun for a while, but got a bit annoying. Especially to low levels, because they would be out leveling, and BAM! Infected and Dead. Having to run back to your corpse several times in 20 minutes is not fun.

  6. Ah, thanks for explaining. I can see now how that would get old really fast. Sounds like it would be fun for a day or two, but not any longer.

    Though some of the scenarios you describe do sound quite epic.

  7. I can agree with Andrew definitely. It really was fun infecting, but then when it was time to level my alts..it was virtually impossible. As far as Blizzard doing the zombie-prank. I thought it was pretty fair, they just didn’t quite plan ahead. Nor did they realize the consequence of the Zombie Infection. I had tons of fun infecting, believe me. I just wished there were at least a safehaven from zombies. Specifically the major cities. They could’ve also made it to where a few of the zones where lowbies go to quests heavily guarded by the AD. Overall, I wished Blizzard could’ve planned ahead, because I LOVED infecting.

  8. Lol..I don’t play WoW but I do congratulate Blizzard on having the decency to remove the prank when people hated it. Been on to many MMO’s where they don’t do crap even if the whole WORLD hates it. And tells them =/

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