GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?

Ah, since the new season of games is upon us, I thought it was time to bring back another “Would You Rather” feature for the GamerSushi audience. The last one had such solid feedback, it seemed that this would start some good conversation as well.

In “Would You Rather’, I simply ask a series of questions, and you follow up with your responses. Give as much or as little explanation as you want with your answers.

Unless they suck. In that case, a dog will come after you with mouth-bacteria.


Would you rather…

1. Pay more for games with no advertising, or pay less for games that have in-game advertising?

2. Continue to see more FPS and music games, or see video games pursue other avenues?

3. Play a game with no motion control whatsoever, or play a game normally with small bits of motion control added in?

4. Compete against friends in the same room, or online?

5. Buy a new console every 4 years, or upgrade one console over time (*cough* PC *cough*)?

6. Watch in-game cutscenes or pre-rendered CG cutscenes?

7. Get one absolutely incredible must-have game for a whole year, or two or three great ones spread out?

Answer away!

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19 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?”

  1. Here are the answers to my own questions:

    1. I think I wouldn’t mind paying a little less for games with some advertisements in them, if it was tasteful. I mean, they are already starting to throw ads in there, and I’m getting tired of paying $60+ for games these days.

    2. This is a leading question, I know. But I really am sick of all the shooters and music games, because I feel like that’s all we get. Sadly, that’s what sells, so developers are getting more worried about taking chances in today’s cut-throat gaming world.

    3. While I don’t enjoy FULL out motion control, I like playing a game that uses some motion control in small bits. Uncharted is a good example of this when it works well, as are many DS games.

    4. Playing in the same room with your friends beats online, hands down. You can teabag a guy in the game, AND in real life- best of both worlds!

    5. One thing that Nintendo did well with the GameBoys was provide just gradual upgrades that played all the old games and the new ones. I hope that consoles are going to become more like the PC and head in that direction. It really is the ideal scenario. Unfortunately, I just don’t have as many appealing PC options as I used to. Need my RPG fix.

    6. While I miss pre-rendered cutscenes from the 90s, in-game cutscenes really help keep you in the experience, and I heart them for that very much.

    7. While I haven’t played a game in a while that was like earth shattering and would like that experience again, I’d still have to go with a few great flavors and variety, rather than just the one mind blowing one.

  2. good questions.

    1. Pay less. i don’t care about advertising.

    2. Other avenues. No more yearly Call of Duty/Guitar Hero/Rock Band crap.

    3.Normal with small bits, please. I like games the way they are.

    4.Same room, so I can say what I know is offensive to the right people.

    5. New console. No PC for me, please.

    6.Don’t really care. It’s all the same in the end.

    7. Depends on the mind blowing game. Probably a few great ones.

  3. 1.Game prices are insane nowadays and when they do have advertisements they seem to be well hidden. As long as we don’t end up with “Rock Band – McDonald’s Edition” then I’m OK with a few advertisements.

    2.I’m a man who’s all about games breaking the bonds of the standard play type. This is, of course, the main reason I own a Wii. Each Wii game will have its own play style to mess around with. Some fail while other succeed and are adapted into even better styles. It seems nowadays that games are being released with their main selling point being “Worn Out Idea…IN SPACE” or “Worn Out Idea…UNDER THE SEA!!” So yes, I am very for games pursuing different styles of play.

    3.Again, I own a Wii so its all about the motion control most of the time (with some notable exceptions). I enjoy playing with motion controls although I also have to take a break and play some PC games. I probably play about 70% PC 30% Wii. The main reason for me is playing on the Wii can KILL your arms after a good couple of hours whereas I can play for 5 hours straight on the PC and only suffer from eye strain :p Overall I like the Wii to have lots of motion control (It’s what its about baby!) and when I don’t want to kill my arms I can play the PC. Simple.

    4.A tricky one. 90% of the time I play with my friends online we will also be on some form of voice communication so we can still talk to each other (Smack talk mostly). Playing in the same room has the advantage of being able to see their reactions and what not but I always find it very distracting to have someone in the corner screaming away because I killed them. I rarely get a chance to play with friends in the same room anyway as we are PC gamers mostly so its a pain to get together. Overall I would have to say I prefer online.

    5.I am a Nintendo man through and through. I have purchased their console on release day (or got it for Christmas/birthday) since the N64. However I have also been heavily into PC gaming since around ’02 ish and have upgraded my rig 3 times to keep up with releases. So I guess I do both really 🙂

    6. I prefer in-game cut scenes hands down. I hate having the free movement and the action taken away from me just to watch a movie. Im playing a game for gods sake! (This is one of the things that keeps me a major fan of the HL series)

    7.Another tough one. I haven’t played a game since Super Mario 64 that made me jump around praising the word of its awesome greatness of all time. I also like the variety of games and playing one for a whole year, however good it is, would get very dull. So I would go with 2 or 3 very good ones

    Well, that was fun. I have been meaning to check out this gamer sushi thing for a while now and always see your twitters on them but never looked until now :), expect more from me in the future!

  4. 1. Pay less. The only time it really thew me off was when I saw an ad for Ghost Rider in Battlefield 2142. That was kind of weird, but not strange enough to make me care.

    2.Good lord, I would love to see something other than an FPS or a music game. I mean, those two genres are seen as the most profitable and accessible, but you’re right; we don’t really need a yearly CoD or Guitar Hero.

    3.No motion control for me, thanks. I just doesn’t really click.

    4. That depends. Playing against my friends is fun, but it presents little challenge for a man of my skills.*coughs* When I’m looking to have some fun, I’ll play with my friends, but I usually head online for some competition. (It also doesn’t help that my friends rage-quit when we play Halo 3)

    5. Both. I loves me the PC and the console, and some genres you really just can’t translate into a good console experience(RTS). Of course, having to be thrifty, I would say one console every four years.

    6. In game cut scenes. Watching a beautiful pre-rendered scene can definitely take you out of the experience.

    7. A few great ones over the year. Spread the love around.

  5. 1- Pay less, of course. I don’t care about ads…

    2- Actually, I am a huge FPS fan… so I wouldn’t mind a couple more years of FPS goodness… 🙂

    3- I do enjoy controlling, but we’re fine as we are now.

    4- Same room, as long as there is beer and peanuts, it’s the everyday heavenly portuguese LAN party…

    5- Upgrades,please. I love PC.

    6- In-game cut scenes. Shows you exactly what you’re buying.

    7- A few great one… Although, L4D might infect me for a full year… 🙂



    1. I’d rather pay less in general. Whatever’s cheaper is fine by me as long as the game is good. In-game advertisement, as long as it isn’t blatant, doesn’t really bother me.

    2. While I do enjoy a solid FPS and some Rock Band, new genres are more than welcome.

    3. As long as they don’t botch the motion control too bad *cough SIXAXIS!!!!! *uncough* I don’t mind it. It might be cool! Like Red Steel minus the annoying bug where you might start to stare up at the ceiling for half an hour. Either way, I want good gameplay.

    4. Why not play with friends online?

    5. For now, I’d rather get new consoles than have to constantly update my PC. But my stance will probably change in only a few years when I can’t ask my parents to keep buying consoles.

    6. It doesn’t really matter. Pre-rendering is nice, but in-game cinematics are great if you want to make the game experience feel realistic and engaging.

    7. I’d rather get two or three great games over the year. Variety is best, especially at different times of the year. Because if I have just one game for a year, I’ll probably get bored, even if it is the best thing since toilet paper. (Nothing can top toilet paper, dude. Tis a fact!)

    Can’t wait for the next GSA!

  7. These are good questions, here is my reply 🙂

    1. Pay more for games with no advertising, or pay less for games that have in-game advertising?

    Most definitely pay less, I have played games with ads and they aren’t that big of a deal, I mean we see them everywhere in our lives driving down the road, going through stores, on websites! Why not just accept them in video games?

    2. Continue to see more FPS and music games, or see video games pursue other avenues?
    Video games that pursue other avenues, although I like the FPS’s like Call of Duty and music games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band…I think we need some more diversity, there hasn’t been a game that has truly blown me away in quite awhile. I’m not an RPG gamer so those don’t appeal much to me but there has to be something worth it. I’d like to see the ultimate racing game…that would be my dream.

    3. Play a game with no motion control whatsoever, or play a game normally with small bits of motion control added in?

    Honestly I could care less, I just want to have fun and you don’t really need motion control to do that. I’d rather see some games motion control and some stay traditional. It just depends on the type of game.

    4. Compete against friends in the same room, or online?

    This is a hard one, I love playing with friends in the same room (minus the split screen nonsense) but I also love getting on my PC and chatting it up with people all over the US (and the world). I don’t play console games which I know this blog is based around but much of the console games are PC so it goes both ways. I’d say it depends on the game, things like Guitar Hero and stuff like that are more fun with a group of people but games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and others are better had with online players so you can get the full screen effect.

    5. Buy a new console every 4 years, or upgrade one console over time (*cough* PC *cough*)?

    I’m sorry to everyone that loves the consoles here, which is most everyone but i’d rather do the PC because I don’t get the same enjoyment on the console as on the PC (except for a larger screen on console).

    6. Watch in-game cutscenes or pre-rendered CG cutscenes?

    Again, depends on the game. For games like Far Cry 2, I think it works having in-game cutscenes because there isn’t anything largely epic going on but in games where there is something majorly epic, say for example in a Lord of the Rings style game where you have a huge army attacking something or whatever, you gotta have the pre-rendered CG because it looks damn good.

    7. Get one absolutely incredible must-have game for a whole year, or two or three great ones spread out?

    Two or three most definitely, even if the game is kick-ass, I still get burnt out. Take Call of Duty 4 for example…it was amazing, single player was epic and the multiplayer was great but after a few months I wanted something new. But i’m one of those people that likes trying new things, like I just went out and bought Far Cry 2 and Dead Space the same day…so I gotta have diversity.

  8. 1) pay less, because who cares about advertising when you can get a game cheaper. also if less people see it most likely it would be easier to get a copy.

    2) to be honest i don’t care this much but it differs about the games you play what you like etc.

    3) small bits, this is better because it makes the game more interactive funner to play etc.

    4) compete in the same room, this is much funnier and you guys can fight, trash talk etc, while you kick their ass online in halo3 😛 (lol i pwn you all in halo3) <- true

    5) upgrade my console it’s better than paying about $2000 every four years.

    6) whatch in game cut scenes, this makes the game funnier and gives some better meaning to the story. (play God Of War 1,2,3) <- best games every without a doubt in mind.

    7) this will very on game. if its God Of War then a year, but if it’s some other game then 2-3 soo you don’t get too board.

    Play God Of War

  9. 1. Pay more for games with no advertising, or pay less for games that have in-game advertising?
    Pay less, I wouldn’t mind it.

    2. Continue to see more FPS and music games, or see video games pursue other avenues?
    Moar FPS

    3. Play a game with no motion control whatsoever, or play a game normally with small bits of motion control added in?
    Small bits
    4. Compete against friends in the same room, or online?
    Same room, I like talking to people who I killed 😀
    5. Buy a new console every 4 years, or upgrade one console over time (*cough* PC *cough*)?
    Upgrade 😀
    6. Watch in-game cutscenes or pre-rendered CG cutscenes?
    In game
    7. Get one absolutely incredible must-have game for a whole year, or two or three great ones spread out?

  10. 1. I’d pay less as long as the advertising didn’t get in the way of my gaming experience.

    2. As much as I love the FPS genre, I’d much rather play a game that presents itself in a less conventional way.

    3. I own a 360 and a Wii, so I could go either way. But if I had to choose I would like to have little or no motion control.

    4. I prefer being in the same room.

    5. Aside from RTS games, I don’t really care for the PC as a game console. I’d rather buy a new console.

    6. I prefer in-game. CG cutscenes seem to put distance between me and my gaming experience

    7. Depends on the replay value of the mindblowing game. If it’s a game that different outcomes then i’d buy the one game. If it only has one, then i’d gut the multiple games.

  11. 1. Pay less with advertising. Unless the advertising is everywhere.
    2. I really can’t answer. I love my shooters but I want something interesting and new. Portal was a good way of describing how I feel.
    3. No motion control what so ever. The Wii failed. And no one uses the PS3 Six Axis.
    4. Against friends in the same room. Hanging out with friends in a room is more fun the when your with them online. But then screen watchers always happen…
    5. A new console every 4 years. PC is just way to expensive and it has to be upgraded constantly.
    6. I like Pre-Rendered. Just makes it look better.
    7. Two or three great games. Because odds are after beating it several times you’d get bored.

  12. 1. Id rather pay less for a game and have ADS IF (IF) the ads fit. I dont want a mountain dew ad in my Medieval RPG

    2. No more Guitar Hero or cruddy ripoffs, the game sucked to begin with. FPS though….it wont ever go out. But their should be more games that bring something new to the table.

    3. What do you mean by this one, like the Wii? Id rather things be fixed…I play SSBB with a GC controller, and I don’t like the 6axis on the PS3

    4. When they cant be near you online is the next best, room is more fun. Common eddy, Thursdays after class, what was more fun that that??

    5. Its cheaper for the 4 year deal, and it kinda levels things out so you dont NEED this or that to play on the best settings. I still like PCs though for games like Obi an d Fallout

    6. What counts as what? Like Halo 3 vs. Final Fantasy. I say CG is much cooler. BUT the most important thing is that it blends well with the game.

    7. Depends on the game. If they are all good FPS games, they better be dynamically different. I prefer having time to play the hell out of a game. Games like Obi and Halo 2, hey lasted a LONG TIME. More towards the 1 super game per year

  13. 1. Hands down, pay less. Cheaper the better!

    2. Other avenues, though honestly I want turn-based rpg’s back.

    3. Small bits of motion control.

    4. This one is a little tough for me… I am going to have to say on-line just because I get very competitive and like to test my abilities to the max, if that made any sense.

    5. Umm.. new console unless upgrading maybe 1-2 years then I don’t mind.

    6. CG cutscenes… what can I say, I enjoy eye candy.

    7. Honestly it depends… I would go with the mind blowing one if it had great replay value, though I am pretty sure I would still get bored of it eventually.. so 3 great ones.

  14. 1. I guess it depends on how ridiculous the advertising is. If it’s EVERYWHERE, then no. If it’s mild, ok.

    2. Find new genres, or bring back 16-bit platformers! I should state right now I HATE FPS games. Goldeneye was alright, but I can not take anything else. Music games are cool, until they get popular. Once that happens, it gets obsessive and it ruins it.

    3. Small motion control is cool, but like WiiFit isn’t.

    4. In person. Nothing like rubbing a win in someone’s face while seeing the look of disappointment.

    5. …I really have no preference on this one. If they made the games backwards compatible, I’d buy new ones. I hate seeing great games suffer because of old hardware.

    6. …I really have no idea here. Eye candy is nice, but good graphics =/= game play. But I don’t want to see an FF7 move, where cutscenes are characters and in-game is blocks with faces.

    7. Two or three a year. I don’t play much multi-player stuff, so even if the game is great replaying it gets old after a few times.

  15. 1. Pay less. Nowadays, video games are expensive and I can’t afford any. 🙁 I wouldn’t care for ads.

    2. Both. I like FPS but they should be more original than worn-out. I’m afraid that yearly games like Guitar Hero could end up becoming the new Madden.

    3. Normal with small bits. I’ve played Uncharted and it was good. I really don’t like when games put too much emphasis on motion sensing.

    4. Once again, both. I like playing with friends just for fun of it but I like playing online for the competition.

    5. Consoles. I like PC gaming but they are expensive to upgrade.

    6. In-game. It actually shows how powerful and awesome the graphics look (Half Life 2 is a perfect example) CG graphics makes the games look kind of cheesy.

    7. Depends. If that (or those) game has a high replay value, then I’ll buy it. That’s why I’m looking forward for FALLOUT 3! Woohoo!

  16. 1.Pay More, ads take away from the expirience

    2.More FPS & music

    3.Don’t care

    4.It is better to play in the same room as people, but unfortunatly there is a max of 4 people offline

    5.New console every 4 years

    6.CG rendered shall always be better untill they are able to make it so you don’t even notice it is a cutsene

    7.One really good game.(ex. I am getting a PS3 just to play LittleBigPlanet)

  17. 1. Well, ads are ok. Like, seeing a character holding a Pepsi or something would be fine. Even a game that’s based around a product would be fine… As long as it’s a good game, I’ll play it.

    2. Rock Band 2 is an awesome game, I won’t lie. I also love my FPS. But, variety is the spice of life after all. Nothing quite like a good RPG.

    3. I don’t mind playing with motion control. I sit around too much anyway.

    4. Well… I dunno. The only game I play at my friend’s places is rock band, or NHL. (those shallow fools) So… I’m gonna say online.

    5. I’d rather just get a new one. Although maybe every 5 or 6 years instead. =P

    6. I don’t care. It’s all on what the game producer is going for.

    7. Well, I don’t know, because I rarely get all hyped up for a game. I can’t afford to. =P Like I said earlier, variety is the spice of life. I’ll go with 2 or 3 good ones.

  18. 1) Cheap with ads inside. I always thought that was kinda cool.

    2)Hmmm, difficult Q. I’ll go for more fps and music games. Maybe because of simple gameplay.

    3)No waggle plz, thx

    4)Definitely online.

    5)Upgrades are always fun to get.

    6)aaarg, pre-rendered I think…

    7)1 uberly awesome epicly rated truly must-want game will be my choice.

    Dang, great questions Ed.

  19. 1). Pay more for a game without in game advertising. In game advertising is annoying, and takes away from the games feel/story. It’s ok the first time you see the ads, but it gets dull after a while.

    2).Other avenues. I want to see a game with (magic) in it that 1: actually explains where the “magic” came from, and 2: actually has a different formula for magic other than the earth, fire, wind, water, darkness, blah blah and OMG WIZARDS CAN’T WEAR ARMOUR CUZ IT WEIRDLY AFFECTS MAGIC SINCE THEY CAN’T WAVE THEIR HANDS. I also want to see “wizards” stop waving their hands around. Seriously, fire pops out of no ones hands. Make magic that makes sense, like in a sci-fi game. That would be really REALLY cool. Oh, and less fantasy bullsh** too. I’m tired of swordmen etc. etc. I want to see something new and amazing that isn’t just a revisited and revamped idea. I know that will take a while but I’m willing to wait.

    3).No motion control. Motion control is cool but it’s really annoying after a while. I’m just waiting for the day and age where you can control motions in game with your mind.

    4).Depends. I would rather the split screen/whatever other system of multiplayer that can be used for more than one person on a console in the same room AND online should be implimented as standard for every game that is meant to be multiplayer in any way. It’s more work but I think everyone would be happy that way. And having split screen or whatever is good for when people do not have a game/system, but you still want to enjoy the experience with them, while online is good to have like 30 people playing at the same time and enjoying comfortably.

    5).Upgrade. Buying new consoles is annoying. Games should work depending on specs not whether you have this specific console or not. I’m sure some games today on the XBOX 360 would work fine on the original XBOX..but of course you can’t play them on the XBOX because it’s a new console. I like the PC because I don’t have the best PC, but I also don’t have the worst. And though sometimes my games may slow down a bit or jump a little, I can still enjoy them for the most part and they also hardly ever lag. If I have a game I can’t play, I’ll just upgrade my PC and done.

    6). Well..I do like my movie type cutscenes..but I think that cutscenes would be cooler if they actually flowed with the game. Like if someone has really epic weapons in a cutscene in like halo or something, you should always, ALWAYS be able to steal their weapon (for halo). I also think that if you’re going to have actions in a cutscene, you should be able to do them in game. Speaking, I can understand that not being able to be done midgame. But any action thats in a cutscene should be in the normal game, even if it’s an action that can’t be triggered with a button, but can be stimulated by the environment, NPC local.

    7).This question confuses me slightly. I guess I’d rather have two or three since they’ll supposedly be great anyway. The must have’s can come when they choose to.

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