For Sale: 1 Madden Curse, Good Condition: $1 Or Best Offer

In a story that could only have originated from EA, Bloomberg is reporting that Peter Moore, the president of EA Sports (it’s in the game) may auction off the rights to appear on Madden to the highest bidder.

“I bet you can find 50 players that would say, `I’d pay good money,”’ Moore said. “The league does a lot of work with them to make them realize how lucky they are and a lot of them have come out of poor circumstances and they give back.”

Moore also acknowledges that there is something to aforementioned “Curse”, noting it is odd how bad things happen to the cover athletes. Did Pacman Jones ever appear on it?

What do you think, would athletes, notoriously greedy as they are, ever pay big money to be on the cover of a game that might end up placing a curse on them and possibly ending their career?


Source- Bloomberg

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5 thoughts on “For Sale: 1 Madden Curse, Good Condition: $1 Or Best Offer”

  1. While I am actually a big fan of Mr. Moore, this makes me laugh. You actually beat me to this story.

    I think there will definitely be an athlete that jumps all over this. I mean, from what I hear, NFL players LOVE them some Madden, it’s all some guys talk about in the locker room.

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