Unlock all the Songs in Guitar Hero: World Tour

For you cheaters out there who don’t want to earn anything (you know who you are), Kotaku has posted the color code to enter into Guitar Hero: World Tour to unlock every single song in the game. Back in my day, kids had to walk four miles in snow to get their cheat codes, and now you’ve got your bloggers just posting them for free!

All old man-ness aside, it’s actually pretty helpful for you guys that are going to be playing the game, I’m sure. My friends and I did this for Rock Band 2 and it made the game instantly more fun. Since doing this opens up all 84 songs to your playing enjoyment, I’m sure it’s a tempting offer. I mean, I’m lazy, so I’d probably do it, too.

Anybody going to get this game, or has already gotten it?

Source- Kotaku

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5 thoughts on “Unlock all the Songs in Guitar Hero: World Tour”

  1. I already have it. Already beat it on expert (guitar), and already unlocked all the songs (without a cheat).

    The guitar parts are not as complex as GH2/3 🙁 But I’m guessing the concentrated mostly on drums. I say they’re not as complex simply because I can beat them all, can 5 star all but 6 songs actually. In GH3 there are still songs I can’t beat (stupid Dragon Force DLC).

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