The Fallout Retrospective

In continuing with its tradition of getting us ready for big releases, GameTrailers has put up a retrospective about Fallout that I found terribly interesting. I’ve actually never played the original games, but I can’t wait for new one (which releases tomorrow, incidentally), so it’s cool to go back and see the roots of the series.

Definitely worth a watch if you’re dying for the new game. Hype train- engaged!

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6 thoughts on “The Fallout Retrospective”

  1. Must….have…..Fallout 3….can’t wait anymore…I’ve got 4 classes and work tomorrow…guess I’ll have to…damn it.

    Oh well. I played the first 2 games and read alot of the Fallout Bible just a couple months ago after hearing about Fallout 3. Can’t exactly call myself a long-time fan, but I can say that I’m stoked its finally here.

  2. The first Fallout, the original, is not fun to play 🙁 Its too old. Im sure it was amazing back in the day. But it sucked when I played it, like a few months ago.

    Im picking up F3 in a few hours

  3. My my my, Harold is a fine gentlemen.

    This makes me even more psyched for when I get Fallout 3 for Christmas (yes, I have to wait. I’m spending my “get the game when it comes out” card for CoD:W@W)

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