EA to Build on Dead Space Model

Just like Legos, these new and creative game properties are.

Over the last few years, EA has been reinventing itself as a company. At one point it was notoriously known for the garbage of Madden and the like, but it is now trying to push forward some new IPs of its own, with things like Dead Space and Mirrors Edge.

Apparently, EA wants to continue to use this as the foundation to build the future of its business, citing other exciting creative properties like Halo, GTA, etc. As a company, they’re realizing that people are flocking to great original games (go figure), and better yet, they’re less expensive than a Madden or NCAA due to licensing.

While it’s funny that it took EA this long to realize that good games equal good business, I think this is great news, if Mirrors Edge and Dead space are the examples. Having played some of Dead Space over the weekend, basing anything of your future on it is probably a great bet.

What do you guys think? Is EA doing a good job of reinventing themselves?

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7 thoughts on “EA to Build on Dead Space Model”

  1. /sarcasm

    Wow, creating new IPs and releasing them with a high level of polish is better for your company than releasing last year’s re-hashes over and over?

    /sarcasm end

    Well, either EA has started listening to consumers or this was their dastardly plan all along. Dead Space is a terrific game, and a good sign of things to come. Mirror’s Edge is shaping up nicely, as well. We’ll see if EA can keep this up.

    My opinion of EA has always been neutral, but it seems like they’re trying really hard to present themselves in a better light.

  2. It’s going to be a slow process, but EA is definitely looking like it’s at least TRYING to not be a crappy company. Dead Space was awesome and Mirror’s Edge looks sweet, so who knows – maybe Madden and those billions of crappy movie-games will simply fall away into EA’s forsaken evil past.

  3. i hope they fix themselves up, there like that rich kid at school, who no one really wants to play with, cause hes a bitch, but they do anyway cause hes rich. and on a side note id like to say bravo for this site, i love how u gyse alwayse have good topics with a good discussion to go with them, and how everytime i come here theres something new. good stuff. but sff should get a litter more attention. i mean my stoked meter goes down a bit everyday i dont see GREIF or something like tht.

  4. Yeah, I’ve been looking and playing some decent games lately then saying “EA made this?” Hopefully they can keep this up.

  5. I’ve got to agree that it certainly looks like a positive trend. I seem to recall an interview a while back with some executive talking about the risks of tackling new IP — looks like those risks have paid off this time, at least for the consumer. Hopefully EA sees it that way too. I’ve definitely enjoyed my share of EA-bashing in the past, but those days may be all but over…

  6. I still don’t like EA. Battlefeild was shipped fartoo early. ! game mode? Although that one might have been Dice, but publisher have a responsibility too. Mercs 2 was a joke. Half finished and glitchy as hell. EA didn’t know when it was going to be ready and basically said, “Deadlines! No, take more time! DeadlinesDeadlines! No, take more time! Deadlines! Done? tough! Release. DL content will solve all our worries!” Very poor EA. But Mirrors Edge and Dead Space do look to rekindle my hopes.

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