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Console wars again? No, this is a look at why the DS took the PSP by storm and how the PSP finally learned to fight back using the same methods.

So when I heard that Sony was coming out with their own portable system, I was skeptical. After all, that was Nintendo’s domain. And when I saw the PSP and heard all about it, I grew even more skeptical. But when it finally launched and I saw what games it had, I was vindicated. The PSP sucked. At first, anyway.

As for the DS, I thought it was a gimmick. A touch screen? That’ll be inaccurate and too easy to break. No fun at all! Boy, was I wrong. At a friend’s house, I played it and I was hooked. Trying it for myself made me a believer.

So what made the DS such a success in the first place while the PSP bombed? The answer, as always, is the games. See, the DS has a touch screen, which means you can’t play those types of games anywhere else. Also, it has all those old school games we gamers love so much, but with the ability to add new things, like updated graphics or features. There is still a clamor for 2-D games and the GBA and now the DS can sustain that need.

The PSP, on the other hand, tried to be a portable PS2. It featured games like Dynasty Warriors, Ridge Racer and Wipeout Pure, all of which has better versions on the PS2. Why play a lesser product on a portable system? Metal Gear Acid was a good idea, as that game turned the series’ formula on its head, but it wasn’t enough. This problem, coupled with the UMD disaster (who wants to buy another version of Spider-Man just to watch it on the bus when an Ipod does that a lot better?) put Sony and the PSP way back in the race.

Some of you might be wondering why I, the PS3 owner, am crapping on the PSP. Well, for one, it’s all true and for two, I may love my PS3, but I love my DS even more. That’s right, not your typical fanboy, am I?

So how did the PSP finally manage to fight back? First, if you are going to be a portable PS2, have games that the PS2 doesn’t already. Like Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City and Vice City Stories and God of War: Chains of Olympus. These made the PSP a must have system for their respective times. Second, with games like Locoroco, Final Fantasy Tactics, Lumines, Patapon and Daxter, the PSP carved it’s own niche using the kinds of games that could not be played anywhere else. Locoroco was a game I was dying to play, but I didn’t have a PSP, so I missed out. Final Fantasy Crisis Core and Dissadia are the keys to the PSP catching up to the DS with hardcore gamers. Nintendo has all the kids already. Pokemon and Nintendogs saw to that, but Sony can still have their share of the market, too.

Games matter, not PS3 connectivity or anything like that. Those things help, along with all the cool features the PSP is sporting. But having must have games are the only way to win gamers over. Would the Xbox have made a blip without Halo to get things going? The PSP is on the right track, it just needs to get those blockbuster games.

What do you guys think of the PSP and the DS these days? Do you prefer one over the other or neither?

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10 thoughts on “DS vs. PSP”

  1. I got a PSP for my birthday this year (the best gifts are the ones you wouldn’t buy for yourself but still kind of want, right?), and I’m actually loving it. I haven’t played the DS in a while, though Chrono Trigger is sure to break that.

    One thing that’s interesting to me is how RPGs as we used to know and love them seem to be heading towards the handheld systems. I think Sony finally understood a year or two after Nintendo, and they’re now making the PSP into the kind of system that I wish the PS3 was. You know, a sequel to the PS2.

    All in all though, I totally am on board with you about the DS having completely unique games… Once again, I wish the Wii were more like the DS but with way more creativity… Sadly, it’s not.

  2. I am with you on the Xmas thing,lol.

    The DS and GBA scored big with 2-D games, like Castlevania and the old Mario games.
    Thats what they don’t make on the consoles now and thats why there is a demand for the DS.

    The PSP should follow suit.

  3. In all honesty the only reason I like the psp is for it’s ability to play homebrew and other “borrowed” games on it.

    I did really like my ds, all the games on it were awesome. I had to sell it tho as i had no money and was newly moved out of my mothers home.


  4. That stinks about your DS, but I forgot to mention that about the PSP in my comment. You can do tons as far as homebrew.

    I mean, you can even rip original PS games and then play them, which is pretty incredible.

  5. I’ve got both, but I use my DS a lot more. The PSP just doesn’t have that many games, I mean it’s getting better, but they still need more.

  6. Yeah, the DS lost it’s charm now. I think the PSP rocks the world for portable consoles for the moment.
    Btw, why doesn’t microsoft make any portables?

  7. I have both, but I play the DS more, because of all the clever RPGs and 2D side scrollers that have come out. The PSP had some great games,like GoW and Patapon, but the DS has more games and many great flashcards. And in response to Snowman….o.0 xD

  8. I love the ds when it came out with games like metroid prime hunters, mario kart ds, pokemon pearl(i say that cause im too lazy to include diamond and platinum), pokemon ranger and soon kingdom hearts 358/2 days.
    Its a shame most games get hacked nowadays >:(. Plus the wifi capability is great.

    To be honest i really only bought the psp cause it was really a cheap iPOD and i only have one game on it which MGS port plus. I am planning to get only four more which are Crisis Core, Chains of Olympus, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and the Kindom Hearts that comes out on psp if its not japan only. Im not really sure how to get wifi on psp which is another reason why im not fond of it. Plus what the hell is homebrew. The system updates are frustrating. As well as me most of my friends bought it not for gameplay as well. Sorry but this is just my opinion.

  9. The psp as a cheap ipod? What are you smoking arusuesx? lol. Also get patapon- it’s awesome. And what do you mean by games getting hacked?

  10. Lol. I think the PSP owned simply because 1: if you got it broken or whatever they call it, you could play a buttload of ROMS or whatever on it/customize it in other ways, plus you could do a lot more iPod, ish stuff on it. I think it really depends on what you’re looking at. The DS won hands down for the games, which was what the systems were made for, while the PSP kind of won in terms of what you could actually do with it. I think Nintendo saw that too, with the idea of making the DS a household item or whatever that was all about in E3. I dunno if they scrapped that idea, but if they do, I think it will fail. The DS should be for games and games only. They fought of the PSP fine with games and they can continue to fight off any other handheld fine with games. Maybe add video compatability and music or something, but thats about it. Internet should be left off the DS for obvious reasons, for now anyway. And idk what else anyone would really want on a handheld. I mean, if we’re going to do all that, we should already be making true handheld computers.

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