CoD: World at War Nazi Zombie Gameplay

Since Treyarc announced CoD: World at War’s Zombie co-op mode, I’ve been dying to see a little bit more gameplay. What you see here is some of the basic components of the mode, including the economy system, where players can buy pieces of lumber, furniture, etc, to barricade the zombies from attacking.

To me, the cool thing is that it’s all of the WWII action tropes combined with something you don’t always play. Plus, it’s limitless, so that’s a good time. Looks like a blast.

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7 thoughts on “CoD: World at War Nazi Zombie Gameplay”

  1. OK,then… everyday, this looks more like L4D… next thing you know, there will be different types of zombies… but still, the gameplay looks pretty awesome… just like in Left 4 Dead 😀

  2. I was going to get L4D for the PC, but since this CoD has just as much i dont think im going to get L4D anymore.

  3. [quote comment=”1559″]I was going to get L4D for the PC, but since this CoD has just as much i dont think im going to get L4D anymore.[/quote]

    See?? I hate when this shit happens! I go to a WW2 game to follow realistic events that happened… or that at least were estimated to have happened… not to go zombie hunting! That’s what L4D is all about! God damned Treyarc is just stealing Valve’s ideas! And this is what happens! I never though they could go this low. This just makes me want to buy Left 4 Dead even more.

  4. L4D and CoD’s zombie mode probably look similar at the outset, but once we get them both out of the box, they’ll end up playing differently.

    L4D seems to take co-op into greater importance, and the ability to play as the super-zombies adds a bit more spice to the survival mode.

    CoD’s zombie mode will probably end up playing a bit more like Gears of War 2’s Horde mode. Holding off waves of enemies and reviving your fallen buddies sounds like it builds off GoW2 more than L4D.

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