Want to Preview the New XBox Experience?

Apparently, some folks are going to get a chance to check out the new XBox Experience a little earlier than others. For those of you who don’t know, the NXE is the dashboard update to the XBox 360, and personally I think it looks really slick as it’s supposed to add some cool new features like streaming Netflix, 8 person chats, etc.

If you want to participate in the early preview, and you have a Windows Live ID, head over to Microsoft Connect and sign up, then head straight to the New XBox Experience survey, and answer the questions that they’ve got for you there. If they pick you, they’re supposed to let you know over e-mail. I already signed up tonight, so here’s hoping I get in! Seeing this thing in person at PAX was definitely cool- the videos don’t do it justice.

Go sign up!

Source- Major Nelson

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6 thoughts on “Want to Preview the New XBox Experience?”

  1. I wanted to try it, but the stupid page will never load so I guess I’ll just have to wait. 🙁

  2. “An object that you requested, or that was needed to process your request could not be found.”

    Oh, thanks Microsoft.

  3. Looks cool, but I’ve never been able to get over the whole Mii-similarity they have going. It just feels like theivery to me since my only console is Wii. Still, I’m happy they’re still updating these things and improving them more. If only Wii and PS3 did that.

  4. I still am skeptical. It looks too flashy. It will be neat to have something new, but I kinda think its a little lame at the same time. Wont lie though, I really want to mess around with it. Im wondering how things like THEMES will play out in this. I bet they will get super crazy with this new DB

  5. @Dom: Me too…it feels like Microsoft just went “Hey, Nintendo’s Miis were pretty successful…you think we should have our own version?”

    After all, I thought the Xbox was supposed to be the “hardcore” console.

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