Army of Two, the Movie?

In yet another case of making a video game movie that nobody even cares about, it seems that EA is talking to Universal about a possible Army of Two movie. Sigh.

Right now a writer from the Bourne Ultimatum is on the project, with EA holding on to the producer rights. While this is all well and good, I wish that somebody would tell people to stop making movie games that nobody is interested in.

Instead, they keep turning irrelevant games into irrelevant movies, and everybody’s confused as to why these things don’t succeed. Oh well.

Thoughts? Did anyone actually play Army of Two? Maybe this movie will have awesome high-five action!

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6 thoughts on “Army of Two, the Movie?”

  1. Cha, bra, check it. We got this sweet game, I gotta give it mad props. It’s about these two dudes, right, with guns, and they shoot stuff. There’s like this hot chick, who has mad tats, and she’s like, smart too. It’s great because we’re not being sexist when we tear her shirt when she’s captured.

    We put them in the desert and have them shoot guys and do high fives and air guitar. I speak for all of us when I say this movie would be off the hook!

    Vin Diesel for the big guy, and we’ve got our star power. Green light!

  2. Huh? A LOT of people cared about the game. Quit looking under the rocks.

    Also this actually sounds like a good thing.

  3. Actually, Army of 2 was good. I don’t know where you’re getting this idea where no one cared about it. It wasn’t too bad. The gameplay was cool, the story wasn’t too bad, and the customization was nice. Just as long as they omit the constant dropping-of-the-F-Bomb and the gay jokes, this AO2 movie doesn’t actually sound too bad.

    Good thing it’s going to the guy responsible for Bourne, though. I love those movies, and my mom is obsessed with them – literally. I mean, at least it isn’t Uwe Boll who gets to cock it up.

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