Resident Evil 5 Interview

Well, one game that is managing NOT to find its way into the public sphere over the next month is Reisdent Evil 5, which actually doesn’t come until March of 2009. Good thing, too, because I’d hate to miss it while playing the other 80 games on my plate (that’s an exagga-lie).

Anywho, a new video interview is out, going over the control schemes found in RE5 as well as some other tidbits. Lots of sweet gameplay footage (the graphics are ludicrous), including co-op and even some vehicle combat. Good times.

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3 thoughts on “Resident Evil 5 Interview”

  1. RE5, I can guarantee you, will not be at the top of any Resident Evil fan’s list. It just breaks away from the original, ya know, HORROR. This is a shoot em up set in Africa and it’s not the heart-pounding anxious zombie horror stuff from the other RE’s. I saw this coming, though, since RE4 was a bit of a plain old shooter.
    And appearantly the developers have accepted that RE5 is not a tense horror because they have co-op. Do you honestly think a horror can be a good horror if you have a teammate?!

    I want to be excited, but I’m not. I foresee a lot of problems, particularly with Sheva’s AI, and the fact that they might as well could call it “Black Hawk Down 2: The Game.” (I know that’s a stretch.)

  2. I personally am a wussy and zombies are freaking creepy, but this actually looks playable for me. o.0

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