Warcraft Retrospective, Part 1

I’m a huge (if I could write that word really big and spray fireworks off it I would) fan of the Retrospective series of videos from GameTrailers. They’ve tackled Star Wars, Final Fantasy, Zelda, and so much more. Each one bringing its own sense of nostalgia, along with some great nerdy info you couldn’t get without reading loads of wikipedia pages, no doubt.

The newest entry into the Retrospective series is titled “WarCraft: The Drums of War”, and is the first in a several part series which will chronicle the many iterations of the universe of WarCraft, as well as its evolution. Definitely informative and pretty interesting, even if like me, you’re not into WoW.

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One thought on “Warcraft Retrospective, Part 1”

  1. I hate to hate on stuff that would otherwise be cool, but my “Nerd rage button” was pushed 10 seconds into this video when he called Outland, “the Outlands”. Now I’m gonna finish watching this, lol.

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