Alan Wake Trailer Has Extra Sizzle

So Alan Wake is a game that made quite a splash a couple of years ago, but has been scarcely seen since then. It boasted a unique atmosphere, cool cinematics and what looked to be an interesting story about an author whose books take on a life of their own, apparently.

Finally, some more news has resurfaced, with a brand new trailer out that shows some pretty awesome cut scenes. Obviously, we’d like to see some more gameplay, but what’s going on here is relatively hot, and looks to be in real time for at least a few of the shots. Looking forward to more info on this.

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5 thoughts on “Alan Wake Trailer Has Extra Sizzle”

  1. Though it doesn’t leave you with much about the game, that’s one of the best game trailers Iv seen in a long time. I love how its set up like a movie, it really adds a lot to it.

    Best game commercial in my opinion was “Mad World” for Gears of War

  2. Oh yeah, I agree, Mad World for Gears of War was awesome. The best part of all is that all of it was filmed with real-time animations except for like two shots. Really gave you a look at what the game actually looked like, which most game commercials don’t.

  3. I guess it might be just me, but I HATE when I watch a trailer for something and have absolutely NO IDEA what the heck the game/movie is about.

    Having read the “About Alan Wake” thing on the website though, I guess it looks kinda neat.

  4. Looks pretty cool.

    Unfortunately, they did that annoying animation…thing. You know, where the people whenever they’re gesturing or something while talking and the movement is not fluent or natural. Like when they wave their hands in the air or turn their head strangely. I mean, it’s subtle, but it’s so irritating! You find it a lot in Japanese games with full-3D animation stuff. Whatever.

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