Scratching the Fable II Itch

Wow, I can’t believe we’re already at the Fable II launch. I must admit that some recent videos have left me doubting about how the final product’s going to turn out, but this new TV special really gave me that itch again. It goes over the story, the world, the art, pro-creation and all kinds of goofy stuff. Give it a watch.

And now I must ask- who’s getting it?

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5 thoughts on “Scratching the Fable II Itch”

  1. I am definatley getting this. Been stoked about it anyway, but with awesome reviews sprouting all over the internet, it’s hard to resist.

    This vid just leaves me with one big question: Why is Kelly Hu in it? With her acting in Red Alert 3 she became an expert on Videogames?

    Dominic Monaghan at least is british, that gives him some credibility – doesn’t it? 😉 Awww.. you just got to love advertisment…

  2. Haha talk about fashion that’s weird XD

    Sadly I didn’t play Fable I so I wont be getting this. Again basically some negative comments had me not get this, but at the same time I had never played anything like this (this was before I played Oblivion) Obi was my first proper RPG of sorts. I would be excited about this Im sure, but I never played fable.

    Orgys hahaha I bet this game gets awards. Again though, prob wont get it 🙁

    (anyone think its weird they edit out Penis but not Orgy and sex?)

  3. Ive waited 4 years since the release of fable 1 once i beat fable 1 i was like the over achiever i wanted another viva poop on you FTW!!!!!!!

  4. Oooooooooooorrrgggiiiiiiieeessssss…

    But that kind of kiddy humor would probably get old. Still, the combat might be cool, but…
    Naw, I probably won’t buy Fable 2.

  5. I got it today. Has been a lot of fun so far. Not very far in though. I do enjoy being able to get jobs such as blacksmithing to get gold instead of having to go out finding gold.

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