Bioware Announces the New KOTOR MMO

Ah, at last we have arrived. Even though people have known about this project for months, it’s finally official: Bioware is indeed working with LucasArts to create a new KOTOR MMO titled The Old Republic. It takes place about 300 years after KOTOR, and centers on the war between the Old Republic and the Empire.

IGN has a writeup of one of the pillars of the game– characters and story, something that’s lost in MMOs typically. Bioware’s goal is to let you feel like you are actually part of the narrative. Rather than having some big general story that everyone kind of participates in, there is an overarching story for each class. Sounds incredible and ambitious.

In addition, each class story requires working with other classes to complete common goals. Bounty hunters will be trying to do one thing while Jedi are en route to other missions, and so forth. At the beginning of the game, rather than teaching you how to play, Bioware plans on teaching you how to think about the game as your character. That as this kind of character, your motivations should be x and y, and that will affect your morality, your decisions, everything moving forward.

Another cool feature is the idea of companions, a single NPC that accompanies you on missions much like the parties you’ve had in previous Bioware games. These companions provide commentary about your choices, your actions and ultimately, you will grow attached to them as you interact with them and influence them. I love this idea, and can’t wait to see it play out in the game. For anyone that thinks it sounds silly, I’ve become incredibly attached to party members in previous Bioware games. They’re like real people. In fact, it’s even possible for you to lose your companion based on your choices.

The screenshots look pretty incredible too, for an MMO. I can’t wait to hear more about this game. Who else is pumped?

Source- IGN

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7 thoughts on “Bioware Announces the New KOTOR MMO”

  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I would have preferred KOTOR 3 to be like the other ones, but I’ll take what I can get. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.

  2. I bet its brilliant. But I bet I dont play…If I have to pay for it I most defiantly wont. I also cant afford that, not with school. MMOs are addicting to me, nuf said

  3. Really? Personally, I can’t imagine playing an MMO on anything but the PC… there’s too much typing, interactivity, etc to be handled effectively on a console, unless things are super simplified.

  4. A story-driven MMO could be really good, or really bad. Bioware does good stuff, but in my experience, their games look better than they actually are. Still, if it gets good reviews I’ll get it. Definitely something to watch.

  5. [quote comment=”1440″]Really? Personally, I can’t imagine playing an MMO on anything but the PC… there’s too much typing, interactivity, etc to be handled effectively on a console, unless things are super simplified.[/quote]

    Oh I know, I just don’t do PC gaming,so I will never play this. Makes me sad.

  6. Oh, man, I am so excited for this. Even though the triumvirate responsible for the announcement confirmed very little, the live blog I was watching on 1up gave me goose-bumps. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and being able to play in an era that’s largely untouched by existing canon is very enticing.

    On the other hand, being a victim of SOE’s foul product Star Wars Galaxies makes me very, very nervous. SWG moved very quickly from being a proficient, if buggy, MMO into something that turned off a large percentage of it’s user base in a matter of months.

    Hopefully with BioWare at the helm, this game can side-step the usual Star Wars pratfalls.

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