Saint’s Row 2 Thugs Me Out

So after forcing myself to finish GTA IV last week and feeling slightly underwhelmed, I decided to grab Saint’s Row 2, having heard from several gamers that it is just maddeningly fun. I wasn’t too impressed with what I played at PAX, but that was an early build, so I gave it a go…

As of now, I’ve dumped about 5 or 6 hours into the game in just a day, and I have to say, I could see it being more fun than GTA IV by the time I’m done.

While I think that GTA IV was a great game, it just felt like it was missing some of those cheap entertaining thrills. So far, Saint’s Row 2 has had me glued to the screen and enjoying the pleasure of blowing stuff up like I haven’t felt in awhile. While the graphics aren’t superb and the game isn’t nearly as polished, I’m loving the mission variety and the levels of customization which I nerd out over. Now, these are all early impressions, so we’ll see if they change.

What about you guys? Have any of you picked up this game, or played the first one? I plan on doing a review later this week. Leave your thoughts!

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9 thoughts on “Saint’s Row 2 Thugs Me Out”

  1. Um, ok… You really mean this ed? Well I haven’t played saints row before, but better than GTA!? Wow, I got to check this out. I thought Saint’s was just a mock up.

  2. Well, I didn’t say better, just that it might have more raw entertainment value by the time it’s over. It’s hard to make that call early on, but I’m having a blast so far.

  3. [quote comment=”1404″]Well, I didn’t say better, just that it might have more raw entertainment value by the time it’s over. It’s hard to make that call early on, but I’m having a blast so far.[/quote]

    My eye is getting a little better, so I am trying to type a bit,lol.

    Eddy, you and are are more alike than I thought. I have been looking hard at this game b/c it seems more FUN than GTA IV. This may make my Christmas list. I would love to hear more about your impressions.

  4. I wasn’t into this game when i first heard about it. The “Buggy Saint’s Row” music video kind of made me shy away from the first one, and the series just seemed like a dumbed-down GTA.

    However, I picked this up on Friday as a rental, and I realized that dumbed-down isn’t necessarily a bad thing. So far, I haven’t had to go bowling, drive my cousin or worry about my mortal soul. I’ve just been robbing banks and nabbing ho’s, and I’ve been having a blast.

  5. It’s more like GTA 3/ Crackdown than GTA 4.

    Basically, where GTA 4 went serious and murky, Saints Row 2 went over-the-top and ridiculous. Everything from the story to the customization and explosions is out of this world wacky, and I kind of love it for that.

  6. I feel sorry for Saints Row. Everyone likes GTA more than SR. But who knows – maybe people might want to have another similar GTA experience because they’re tired of GTA4. Sure it looks repetitive, but who’s to say GTA wasn’t? Anyway, if SR2 doesn’t have multiplayer, GTA4 will top it whenever someone creates a list of open-world games. If it DOES have multiplayer, it’ll seem like’s it’s just trying to keep up with GTA4.

  7. I will eventually get this game. My only question is: Is it just more of the same from the first? The first was just blantant violence for no real reason. At least with GTA IV the story seemed to support all of its violent acts. But I always will remember how arbitrarily cursing and violence was included into Saints Row 1.

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