Dragon Quest IX Trailer

I’m not sure how many of you have ever partaken in the Dragon Quest series, but it’s among the RPG elite out there, and I think Dragon Quest VIII for the PS 2 may have been one of the best RPG’s I’ve played in years. The games have some fun combat, tons of depth, and art by Mr. DBZ himself, Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Quest IX is coming in 2009 for the DS, and this trailer is kind of wicked. It’s really hard to believe I’m looking at a DS game when I see some of the cut scenes and gameplay. Crazy what a handheld can do these days, no?

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3 thoughts on “Dragon Quest IX Trailer”

  1. As a long time Dragon Quest fan, since it was called Dragon Warrior, I’ll probably have to buy this game. I haven’t really been wowed by one since the 3rd one, but all of them are exceptional games. (Discounting DQ Monsters and Dragon Quest 4, those are God-awful)

    This ones tech looks pretty spiffy too, if I do say so myself 😛

  2. [quote comment=”1412″]Is it only me that thinks Dragon Quest hasn’t changed from the first one? I know the graphics change, but the gameplay?[/quote]

    No, it is well known that DQ does not experiment like FF does, but it doesn’t matter. The games are still amazing.

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