Ubisoft Making Tom Clancy Mega Game?

So in a pretty ambitious move, it seems that Ubisoft is aiming to turn all of its Tom Clancy properties into one gigantic mega-game in the neart future. Basically, each game will feed off of each other, branch into the next one, and maybe even features missions set under different styles of gameplay.

While I’m not sure how this all will work, the idea of it is pretty hardcore. If it’s just a matter of one story continues into the next game, I doubt anyone will really care. I mean, I’m not too jazzed about the Tom Clancy universe personally, though I’m fine with the snippets I get here and there.

Also, if it’s all just crammed into one game, might it be a case of doing lots of styles well but none of them great?

One thing that would be cool, though- imagine playing this one story from five different perspectives, be it recon (Splinter Cell), troop deployment (End War), etc. There’s also a rumored Tom Clancy MMO in the works, so I wonder if this is all going to be a part of it, and how they function together.

Still, it’s a great idea, and it’s cool to see a developer moving towards that point of consolidation, especially with some of the opportunities that this gen provides. What do you guys think? Excited about the possibilities here?

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2 thoughts on “Ubisoft Making Tom Clancy Mega Game?”

  1. The only problem I have with Tom Clancy games is that they’re continually more of the same. Each new game in each series brings nothing significantly different to the table. While the formula for each is good, there is certainly room for improvement. This move might be just what each series needs to revamp their gameplay.

    Also, Tom Clancy’s books are FAR superior to Ubi’s games. 😛

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