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Imagine that you wake up on an island. You know, kind of like in Castaway or Lost, minus the smoke monsters and the volleyballs and the weird. And it’s just you there, for the rest of your life. Only, imagine you find a small room (a hatch, if you will) with a TV, and some game consoles, and a small box full of just a handful of games…

Cheesy intro aside, everyone’s got that list, you know? The desert island list. People make them for movies, books, music, other people, or just favorite items in general. You know what I’m talking about: if you were stuck on a desert island for the rest of your life, which games would you like to be stuck with?

Well, I thought I’d write about my desert island games list, and see what yours were as well. Forget that it’s entirely impractical. Let’s get started:


5. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

I figure with everything to do in the damn game, this could take at least a good portion of my time early on, and I still wouldn’t hit everything. When I first played this, I spent 25-30 hours just robbing houses. I went everywhere I could and learned people’s schedules so I could break in unnoticed. Who knows? Maybe I can move on to the assassin’s guild by the time I’ve hit my 40’s.


4. Super Mario 64

Even 12 years later, the platforming in this is still some of the best I’ve ever experienced. Sure, the camera control is wonky, but I became a master of the mechanics in this game, triple jumping off of walls and taking shortcuts with crazy flips, long jumps, everything in the arsenal. I haven’t played a platformer quite like it sense, and I bet it would keep me entertained for many an island-y night.


3. NCAA 2009

I know, not the greatest game in the world, but you’ve got to have variety, right? Anyone into college football and RPG’s understands how desperately addicting it is to play the recruiting mini-games in these titles, luring high school students to come participate in your dynasty… Soon FSU, soon…


2. Final Fantasy VII

I know, I’d be done with this in just a few days, and it makes every damn list ever, but I just love the game so much. Call me a sentimental fool or a dork or whatever, but I’ve already played this game a few times in my life and I wouldn’t mind playing it a dozen more.


1. Tetris

Who here can tell me they’ve ever come close to maxing out their Tetris prowess? Really, I’ve already been playing this game for 20 years, what’s to keep me from playing it the next 30 or 40? There’s always something new to master, and there’s that addictive music as well.


Looking at that, my list is almost too strategic. My pure gut reaction list, with no time to plan whatsoever would include KOTOR, Halo CE, Super Mario 64, FF7 and Half-Life 2, but I’d have nothing to do after about two or three weeks.

How about you guys? What is your desert island list of videogames?

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  1. 5.CS:Source – As long as it was my pimped version…

    4.Guitar Hero III – Maybe someday I would be able to master “Through the Fire and the Flames” from Dragonforce ^^

    3.Sims II – Since you got nothing to do in an island, create what you’d wish to be living xD

    2.Naruto Shippuuden Naruttimate Accel 2 (yeah, the japonese version) – What can I say? I’m a Narutard… 😛

    1.Portal – So I could infinite loop myself… FOREVER!

    Well, that’s it! ^^

    PS: Yeah, I’m a Valve fan-boy 😀

  2. [quote comment=”1361″]
    1.Portal – So I could infinite loop myself… FOREVER!


    Ha! That for real made me laugh out loud.

    Also, love your idea of the Sims 2. That would be a great game to have along.

    And yes, that first pic is from Myst. That game ruled hard.

  3. Im surprised Eddy you have two games I woudl put on that list.

    Fallout 3 (yea, its not even out yet)
    Super Mario 64
    Ace Combat 6
    Dawn of War: Collectors Edition

    Now If there was INTERNET there, the list would prob go
    Fallout 3
    Halo PC
    Halo 3
    R6V – in no particular order

    1 game….for the rest of time. Fallout 3. I think it would be like obi, but brand new.

  4. im too lazy to make a list so ima just write them in no particular order

    GTA4- just run aroun blowing s*** up and mowing ppl down

    Oblivion- theres so much to do you’ll never get bored

    the rest of the list assumes i have an internet connection and/or xbl

    CS:S- the first game i played for hours and hours on end (I had over 1000 hours played before i stoped playing… and that was just when i was logged on to xfire.)

    CoD4- my favorite shooter of all time….. so far

    WoW- Sorry….. BUT THERES JUST SOOOOOOOOO MUCH TO DO. getting to the top level (70….. 80 after WoTLK) is only about 10% of the game. theres so many quests and dungens to explore and 4 continents to crusade through. its just epic in so many ways…..

    if i didnt have and internet connection tho…. id probobly die………….


  5. Pro boy just edited my list. Replace DOW with the Sims 3. Even if its not out either, same with Oblivion on the NET list.

    That game, is almost endless. I say 3 because well, it look HUGE

  6. 5. Fable 1- I loved this game. I don’t know why. But it sunk it’s teeth into me and never let go. Played it a good 10 times through.
    4. Halo 3- I enjoy Halo. What can I say.
    3. World of Warcraft- Thing sucks time from you. Should do the same if I’m on a beach. Then I could also tell someone to come get me.
    2. Gears of War- I love Gears.
    1. Orange Box- So I have a like 5 more games. I know…I cheated 😛

  7. 5. Super Mario Bros. 3 – Been playin it as long as I can remember…that won’t change
    4. Times Splitters: Future Perfect – Best FPS ever IMO
    3. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance – 300 quests? Epic awesome
    2. Dragon Warrior III (GBA Version) – Can’t live without it
    1. WoW – DON’T FLAME ME BRO! It just never gets old…

  8. This is a tough one.

    With Internet:
    5. Orange Box- its just plain fun.
    4. GTA 4- buys me some time.
    3. Warhammer: Age of Reckoning- i have never played a game where there is so much to do.
    2. Call of Duty 4- from lvl 1 to 55, then complete all challenges and finally i can try to get the golden weapons.
    1. Garrys mod- that way i can keep making new stuff all the time.

    Without internet
    5. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
    4. Orange Box
    3. Assassins Creed- Boy it took me a long time to finish that game.Plus, seeing the guards run away after i have killed 15 of their friends, never gets old.
    2. Garrys mod
    1.Medieval 2: Total War Golden edition- its 5 games in one game. If im gonna complete all campaigns with every faction, that would at least keep me occupied for a year or so.

  9. that’s a tough one…

    5. Oblivion – Agreed. I’ve crammed over 100 hours’ worth of gameplay into it, and I’m still not done.

    4. Super Mario 64 – A definite yes.

    3. The Orange Box (For PC) – Does it count?

    2. GTA IV – [quote comment=”1368″]
    GTA4- just run aroun blowing s*** up and mowing ppl down
    [/quote] Well said,Rayguy. I never get tired of GTA.

    1. Halo 3 – Hunting for skulls has eaten up a lot of my time, and still I haven’t managed to find them all, resisting my urge to just google it. Also, a pretty epic XBL game.

    Assuming I Had Internet/XBL:

    5. Project 64 Nintendo 64 Emulator – I’m a nostalgic.

    4. Trackmania Nations United – Okay, so it’s a racing game. A true-blue, bad ass racing game. Also, the possibilities when it comes to customization and design are mind-blowing.

    3. Halo 3 – Many a time have I laughed my ass off when a Korean kid would try a kamikaze run, yelling obscenities. Laughs aside, near-perfect online experience thanks to Forge.

    2. COD4 – An amazing game that flattens the competition when it comes to XBL action.

    1. CS:S – There’s just so many servers, so many mods… so much stuff!

  10. Great topic, Eddy. Everyone loves making their own lists. And here’s mine!

    5.Castlevania: Symphony of the Night-endless replay value and so much to explore

    4. Oblivion- duh

    3. Final Fantasy Tactics – never get tired of this one.

    2. NCAA Football- Eddy, you hit the bullseye here. For those that don’t know, this game is more fun than Madden.

    1. Final Fantasy VI- even though I know every secret and I am a walking strategy guide to it, I can’t leave off my favorite game.

  11. [quote comment=”1376″]If you want to cheat the list choose Valve Complete Pack XD[/quote]

    took the words right out of my mouth, but I’d throw garrysmod in there as well. that way you’re set for life.

  12. As long as my connection was good with the rest of the world…

    5. Spore
    4. Fallout 3
    3. Halo 3
    2. Orange Box, mainly TF2
    1. Call of Duty 4 (or Call of Duty World at War)

  13. Ugh, very simple =)

    With Internet

    5. Diablo 2
    4. Garrys Mod
    3. TF2
    2. Zombie Panic Source =)
    1. Counter Strike: Source (82% addicted =P)

    Without Internet
    5. Crysis
    4. Half-Life 2
    3. Oblivion
    2. Fallout 3/HellGate:London
    1. Diablo 2 (never gets old =S)

    All of my top 3 non internet obviously had plenty of replay value that lasts billions of years cuz of different chars and skill upgrades =) and different many choices in game =)

  14. I’m just going to make two lists, since alot of people seem to be doing that.

    If there was internet in the hatch (Sorry, I like Lost):

    5. Gears of War- I’m really not a big fan of this game (as one hundred million fists come flying at me), but the multiplayer portion of the game would be pretty sweet to have.

    4. Grand Theft Auto IV- while this might be a game meant for one player, I don’t mind playing it online.

    3. Uno- Yeah, I know it’s just an XBL arcade thing, but I never get tired of that beloved card game. (Draw four, biz-atch!)

    2. Stonghold: Crusader- PC game, but I would kick ass at that. Or I would at least have fun watching my castle burn to the ground.

    1. Halo 3- I cheap answer, I know. But there’s just so much reply value with the multiplayer portion of it. I could be online that game for a whole day.

    Without Interwebs:

    5. Black- I would get bored with it after awhile, but I just love the feel of the game. When I get annoyed at the story, I just make up my own. Mass Effect- So much stuff to do, and the game just kicks ass. (I do not watch Fox news anymore. Not that I ever did)

    4. Grand Theft Auto IV- Awesome game. I didn’t even really touch on all the extra stuff you could do.

    3. Mass Effect- So much stuff to do, and the game just kicks ass. (I do not watch Fox news anymore. Not that I ever did)

    2. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City- This will always be my absoulte favorite out the whole franchise. I just fell in love with the city and the characters. I would play over and over again.

    1. Assassin’s Creed- This is game that I could play through three times in a row and never get tired of it. I just love it SO MUCH. The story, the controls, the fact that it’s not too hard yet not childishly easy…it just all triggered some sort of fanboy love in my brain. Hidden blade FTW.

    I wonder how pale I would be after sitting in a hatch for years while just playing video games. Mhmm….

    Until next time. Great topic, Eddy.

  15. 5) Pokemon Pearl – Id spend 2 years training all pokemon in the game to lv 100. Then i learn the next one came out

    4) Tetris – Spending 3 years getting the max score. Dont you judge me

    3) Zelda Ocarina of time – I never get tired of beating this game so shut up.

    2)Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy – Even though it is old as the choices in this game pwn all

    1) Halo 3 or Spore – Spore because of the near infinite possibilities. Halo 3 because i can forge forever make the ultimate map and only i can play it (Whos lost now bitches)and the multiplayer.

  16. I fkn’ hate tetris.


    1. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Probably, because it would be the most time consuming. Plus, its a great game.

    2. GTA IV – Nothing better then to mess around with Euphoria physics.

    3. Dead Rising – ZOMBIES

    4. Assassin’s Creed – Just great. I love free parkour.

    5. Lets hope I’ll strand on that island in about 8 days. So I can take Little Big Planet with me.

  17. Ha, nice lists guys. I’m seeing some great games that I hadn’t thought of. Dead Rising has so much to do, I for sure would have fun killing zombies for days on end.

  18. Without Internet-
    1.Mass Effect
    2.Vagrant Story

    With Internet-
    1.The Orange Box
    2.Gears of War
    3.Diablo 2
    4.Call of Duty 4
    5.Counter Strike : Source

  19. If I had to play five games for the rest of my life on a desert island..

    5. Final Fantasy 7. This is number one on my Pile of Shame. I’ve never, ever played this game.

    4. Super Mario 64. Kind of a no-brainer, I think.

    3. The Sims. If I’m trapped on a desert island, I’m going to want to take my frustrations out somehow. Enclosed room full of wood, anyone?

    2. Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Probably my favorite Zelda. The Couple’s Mask quest will occupy me for a few days.

    1. Knight of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. I spent more time on this game than the original KOTOR. I just enjoyed it a lot more, for some reason.

  20. 5. The Sims- A life out of the island….
    4. Obilvion IV! I still play, stealing from shops never gets old xD
    3.FF III. I know, it’s not widely liked, but I never get tired of the customization and the various bonuses.
    2. L4D(even thought it’s not out) it’s awesome.
    1. Gmod- Awesomeness embodied in a game. Infinite possiblities. Hell, you can create your own game and missions.
    But only 5 games for the rest of your life….that’s horrible! Knowing what’s going to come out and beating the old games, wanting sequels…. but whatever. lol.

  21. I couldnt imagine a scenario where i would only have 5 games of all shapes and sizes, but here is my list

    5. GTA: Vice City – I know its not as cool as the newer ones, but man, i liked this game the best

    4. Mortal Kombat Trilogy(n64) – the best fighter of all time in my eyes, 3d fighters suck and i cant play them, MK was the balls when it came to fighters and trilogy had the plethora of characters to keep you busy

    3. Battlefield 2 – The bugs piss me off soooooo badly, but i cant stop playing it, i put over a thousand hours on it and i still find it fun

    2. Goldeneye 64 – Need I say More.

    1. Final Fantasy VIII – having played all the final fantasy’s i feel i put the most time into this one, i dont know if its the cutscenes, orchestrated music or what, but i cant put it down. Sometimes i find myself spending an entire off day playing this. It’s my #1

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