Left 4 Dead Versus Mode Impressions

To be honest, there are so many great games on their way that I literally forget about a few of them every now and then. Just yesterday, I was browsing through a list of games and marking “buy” or “rent” next to them, and then I slapped myself in the forehead when I came to Left 4 Dead. I can’t believe this game is almost here.

Shacknews has posted some impressions from their lengthy play-through of Left 4 Dead’s versus mode, where people get to play as humans, zombies, and everything in between.

Basically, it sounds like versus mode has 4 humans attempting to reach a safe zone while zombies try to munch their brains. After the round is over, the two teams switch sides. Whichever team is able to make it the furthest towards the safe zone wins the round, and then you play it again. And again and again, I’m sure.

To me, playing as a zombie sounds like a blast. Apparently, you spawn in direct view of the humans, only you’re invisible. You can’t actually do anything until you move yourself into a position where you are not visible to the humans, and then you can launch your assault. Sounds terrifying as all get out for the humans, and I’m sure this would be super fun in a LAN setting.

I really think this game falls just under Gears of War 2 in terms of what I’m excited the most for. Who else is for sure grabbing this one when it drops?

Source- Shacknews

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5 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead Versus Mode Impressions”

  1. I want to by an AR-15, and Im already getting, as in owning. GOW2, COD W@W, Far Cry 2, Collectors Edition of Fallout 3. I cant buy more games….ILL FAIL COLLEGE FOR SURE!

    XD Its not fair, they need to spread these game releases out. Not throw all of them out in Novemeber.

  2. I agree with Sean – I’d like to see more spreading out of the games over the year. But that might not happen since they’re all competing with each other.

    Left 4 Dead is #3 on my Most Anticipated Games for Christmas, after Gears 2 in second and CoD W@W in first. Halo Wars is in 4th and Fallout 3 is the fifth and final on the list.
    Anyway, L4D looks like another amazing multiplayer game from Turtle Rock. TR dominated the competitive shooter theatre with Counter-Strike, and now they’re going to dominate Co-Op with L4D. Plus, L4D has zombies. There you go. Done. Awesome.

    By the way, Sean, the AR-15 is an OLD rifle. The one you see in Left 4 Dead is an M16A2. Note that the carrying handle which holds the rear aperture sight has a rounded front end and the barrel has grooves. Yeah, I know. I have no life and such.

  3. Wow, you can set your spawn area!? neat. Sooo, if there can be only 4 humans in one round… the ratio of humans and zombies are always different? Like 4 vs. 32 or 4 vs 1 ?

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