Massive Gears of War 2 Impressions

Kotaku has posted a couple of articles detailing their Gears of War 2 impressions in a more in-depth way. Up until now, people have avoided things such as spoilers and the like, but it seems that lips are loosening and keyboards are typing away.

The two articles in question are about GoW 2’s campaign and GoW 2’s Horde Mode. They’re definitely great reads, comparing the second game’s campaign to Empire Strikes Back (which is kind of awesome), and calling Horde Mode the brightest spot of the game’s multiplayer. If you liked the multiplayer in the first, that’s definitely good news.

Who else is getting feverish over GoW 2?

Source- Kotaku’s Campaign and Horde Impressions.

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4 thoughts on “Massive Gears of War 2 Impressions”

  1. Gears 2 is a huge improvement on the first, and this Horde thing is great way to expand the Co-Op experience. I mean, frankly, it feels to me like some of these video game companies think that pure fun is beneath them, and that old classics like Wave-Based Killing Fests are somehow “not fun”. It’s nice to see that GoW2 is delivering.
    I’m excited.

  2. It’s gonna be good. I’ll probably ask for it for Christmas. I just hope the Queen is in it that was talked about in the first one.

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