Demo: End War

Has anyone had their eyes on Tom Clancy’s End War? Basically, it’s an RTS with a voice-command system, and it actually looks pretty cool. For those of you who’ve always wanted to pretend to be Patton, screaming orders at NPC vehicles and soldiers during a mock WWIII, this is your game.

I’m not sure how the voice command thing works as a whole, but hey, maybe I can try it out now that there’s a demo for download on XBox Live. Be sure to grab it and weigh in with your thoughts!

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7 thoughts on “Demo: End War”

  1. yes i saw this game
    not as excited about the voice command thing simply because my little brother has a thing for braking my xbox mics

  2. Ever since I heard about End War, I was pretty excited. Again, not spazzing out (like CoD:WW :D) but interested.
    Sure, the voice commands and cool and really innovative and stuff, but what really gets me going is the three-way (shut up) multiplayer war that goes on as long as people are playing. That looks cool. In fact, it makes you wonder…is this what real war could become..?

  3. Picture this:

    “Eddy, what do you want for dinner?”

    “Tater tots!”


    Eddy: “Damnit, woman, you made me do a preemptive strike! Now I have to start this whole…(W’s Way Achievement Unlocked)…nevermind!”

  4. I have been following EndWar since it was announced a loooong time ago. I was in the Beta and VIP Demo. Voice Commands are really fun, and there is something satisfying calling down a gigantic laser beam (im playing for the EF)

  5. How did you feel about the voice commands – or rather, they’re sensitivity? Did anyone have a different accent than you and did that affect the smoothness of the commands? (This is for Niceman, just to be clear.)

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