Why Do You Love Your Favorite Console?

With apologies to Episode III: Revenge of the Sith…

Console War! Sony and Microsoft are battered by the ruthless onslaught of the Nintendo Wii. There are exclusives on all sides. Fanboys are everywhere!

So even the most non-partisan gamer has a favorite console. I hate the console wars, but I prefer my PS3 to all others. Why do you guys like your console?

I started off with an NES, way back in the day, when blowing into a cartridge to get it to work was a universal remedy across America. Mario and Zelda and lots of really hard games that were poorly made upon relflection, but still give me pangs of nostalgia, were all I had. And I loved it.

Then the SNES came along. And with it, my heart met its other half. I loved the colorful graphics and fantasic games. Tons of RPGs!!!!! So many great memories come my SNES years. After this, Sega, in my mind, never stood a chance.

I did have a Genesis, but only 3 games and 2 of them were Sonic. I rented everything else for it. It was fun, just not my cup of tea.

Then…the world turned upside down. The Playstation came out and the Nintendo 64 was not looking as hot as it used to. More expensive games, less space and NO Final Fantasy. I finally chose another system as my primary console. Sorry, Nintendo, but Final Fantasy is too strong a pull for me.

I still loved my N64, but I had fewer games for it than for my PS1. And when the PS2 and Xbox and Gamecube all came out, I was torn. I saw nothing I wanted on the Xbox, so I quickly eliminated that from contention. The Gamecube was missing Final Fantasy again and Mario and Zelda were far off in the future. So Sony won again for me. Grand Theft Auto III, Twisted Metal Black and tons of other games cemented my love for Sony’s second console. I got a Gamecube as a second console and enjoyed it, but it was never first for me. I did buy a used Xbox last year and finally played the 6 or so games I wanted to play, like Halo and Kotor and Fable. Some great games, but not enough for me to make it first.

So we come to this generation and I was torn. Once again, I decided against Microsoft. There were a lot more great games this time around, but still missing the ones I love. The Wii was looking good and the hype for Super Smash Bros Brawl almost won me over, then I realized I don’t like hitting “A” over and over and praying for a win, so I went with the PS3. Little Big Planet, Final Fantasy (this was in March, so it was still Sony exclusive) Ratchet and Clank and God of War were what I wanted.

See, what everyone forgets with these fanboy antics is that it is the games that matter. I don’t hate the Xbox. I simply saw only about 6 or so games I really wanted to play for it. With the PS2, I saw a lot more that I liked. Now though, with less exclusives than ever, that is less of a factor, but it still matters. So at the end of the day, online community, better graphics, free online, PSP connectivity, Netflix, wireless internet…all of this fades away at the end of the generation. All you will remember is the games. So stop worrying about if other people like your console and ask yourself why you like it. I love my PS3 and my DS. Why? Because they have the games I most want to play. No other reason. Games make or break a system. So thats why I love my favorite consoles. Why do you?

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  1. I think my all time favorite console had to be the original Playstation. I played that thing like nobody’s business, and it opened my world up to new kinds of games that I had never played before. To me, it was the future, right there in my living room.

    I own all 3 consoles, plus the PSP and the DS. Right now, I’d have to say the 360 wins it out for me. The main draw for me was the idea of playing new and exciting franchises, because I just got tired of the MGS’s and Final Fantasy’s and Tekken’s. I’ve been playing those since 1997 and I wanted something different.

  2. I agree with you ed. All great games were mostly born from the Play Station. But, can’t believe what sony has done to us, giving out prices like that, and a lot of technical flaws. Doesn’t mean that I don’t like Playstasion. I actually want a PS3, but the price!

  3. My all time favorite is defiantly the N64. It was the first console I ever owned and my first real gaming device other than a gameboy and that gamegear I had for a bit.

    I loved playing that thing and I never really saw too much of the PS other than when my good friend would play his. To me the N64 was Nintendo best, from what I saw. Others who has the earlier systems would dissagree.

    Like Eddy for this generation, the 360 is king. It just has too many games. To me its going to end up like the PS2 did, a legend, the system of its time. Now is the time of online gaming and the 360 is the staple. It will play all the fun xBox games, some not so good as others, but to me its the new PS2

  4. Mah favority console of all time was (drum role) the (drum role again) Virtual Boy.


    I’d say the N64. It wasn’t the FIRST console I had, but it was ONE of the first. And man, it was crazy. When I got my N64 for my birthday, I was pretty much as enthralled as that nooblet that can be found on YouTube.
    My first game for the N64 was Ocarina of Time, and while I didn’t play it, I helped my brother out by telling him that he had missed on of the rupees that had just fallen. Ah, good times. And then there was Super Smash Bros, which we played non-stop when my brother’s friends came over. And Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2. See, Pokemon was revered in our house. But now, it’s a rotting pile of crap that still thinks it is awesome. I lost respect for Pokemon with the Third Generation SHOW, not the games. Ruby and Sapphire were awesome, too.

    Yup. While N64 is #1, honorable mentions (#2 and #3) go to the PS2 because Final Fantasy replaced Pokemon, and the 360, because now I can’t live without CoD4.

  5. The SNES was NIntendo’s best, in my view.

    As for the 360, there are some great games out there, but not enough to switch over from my PS3.

    Gears of War, Halo 3, Fable 2, Dead Rising…after that, I can’t think of any right now. So I get why people like it, just not enough for me.

    Snowman, you mention Sony and technical flaws…what are you referring to? Because there is no RROD for the PS3…yet,lol.

  6. Yeah, I’m not sure about “technical flaws” on the PS3… I mean, it’s got wireless out of the box and definitely doesn’t have the one million percent fail rate of the 360…

    However, I do agree about the original price of the PS3. Sony came out a little arrogant thinking that its userbase was loyal enough to drop $599 on its system. But they’ve come down now, and now it’s selling. Go figure.

  7. Oh ya, the technical flaws stuff? I was talking about the other sony products. It kinda caught me of guard when those computers went boom. I don’t want to buy a ps3 that goes boom… But, if I see your comments on how awsome the PS3 is, it seems to be ok! Hell, I’ll just go now and buy one.

  8. The N64 is my all time favorite. It was the first console I ever owned and it’s got Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, the list goes on and on. Even today, I’m still buying games for it since I missed out on a lot of the really great titles when I first got my 64. I also have some older consoles like the SNES, and I’m still hunting for a copy of EarthBound.

  9. NES was my first console. I loved Nintendo up until the Wii. Thats when they lost me. I hate the Wii. I even sold mine last week. Now all I have is my 360 and PS3. I love them both very much. But I think I’m gonna say 360 is my favorite system. Fable, Halo, Gears, MGS, have been my favorite games. I use to love Final Fantasy. But now I’ve gotten a little bored with them. Hopefully next gen Nintendo (if there will be a next gen Nintendo) is back to a normal console. Or at the very least. Decent games. Smash Brothers and Zelda are not enough to get me to buy another system.

  10. PS2 for me, I played so many games on that… MGS 1(PS1) 2 and 3, Mortal combats, FF’s, Rachet and Clank + Jak games, GTA, damn lol so many more i’d be here all night if i were to list them. XD

  11. Dead Rising was king, seriously.

    But currently, I play allot of PS3, enjoying myself watching porn.

    I mean playing BattleField: Bad Company.

    On megarotic.


  12. I was hooked on my SNES growing up, that and the GBA were my faves groing up. PS2 was also phenominal. My current favorate is the 360. So many games, so little time. Also it has the best online experiance, despite the fee. PS3, good graphics and blueray, but barely any games. Sony needs 2 hold on 2 exclusives!

  13. My favourite console was the N64. It had great games, it set the standards for fps with goldeneye though some franchises hibernated through it like metroid. Rares legacy to nintendo was all in the 64.

    People who think the PS3 is expensive, you should come to Australia. ($1000 at least when it first came out, now $700-$800)

    #1-N64-Zelda, BanjoKazooie,SSB
    #2-GCN-SSBM, metroid and zelda
    #3-360-Good online, good games.

    I have a wii and brawl but 360 pwns it and the ps3.

  14. This article follows my heart and childhood to the letter. I am nostalgia based, so simply for the sake of mentioning, SNES won me forever. Recently got another, and it’s amazing to re-live those memories…. MGS Series and GTA won for PS1 / PS2 forever… But around the PS1 time PC took over all things… Havent played anything on console in probably.. 4 years.. =)

  15. [quote comment=”1291″]p.s.
    anthony, which games do u play on PS3? multiplatformers don’t count.[/quote]

    Good question. Warhawk, Resistance, Hot Shots Golf, soon to be Little Big Planet, Ratchet and Clank.

  16. Mine would be the N64 as I played Goldeneye, Mario 64 and Ocarinia. I was 5 and the only game i had played previous to that was Quake (and I’m NOT a maniac with a butcher’s knife!).

    PS3 wouold be a close second as I can play most of the games on it that I can on a 360. Oh, and MGS4. BEST. GAME. EVAR! Or at least me and the other fans think so. I can’t see 1st timers getting into it…

  17. [quote comment=”1295″][quote comment=”1291″]p.s.
    anthony, which games do u play on PS3? multiplatformers don’t count.[/quote]

    Good question. Warhawk, Resistance, Hot Shots Golf, soon to be Little Big Planet, Ratchet and Clank.[/quote]
    Sweet, is Hot Shot Golf really that good? [quote comment=”1296″]
    PS3 wouold be a close second as I can play most of the games on it that I can on a 360. Oh, and MGS4. BEST. GAME. EVAR! Or at least me and the other fans think so. I can’t see 1st timers getting into it…[/quote] heads up http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/919/919647p1.html

  18. Yeah, Hot Shots is awesome. I have had every one of them since HSG 3 and never been disappointed. I prefer it to Tiger Woods Golf by a long shot.

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