Fable II Gun and Swordplay

A new video is out showcasing some of the combat from the upcoming Fable II. I’m still very curious if this game can live up to all of the hype surrounding it, especially after the last one was considered such a letdown compared to all of the promises. I think I may ask my family for this one for Christmas, so I don’t spend my own money on it.

How about you guys? Who’s buying it?

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3 thoughts on “Fable II Gun and Swordplay”

  1. Now I wont crud on Fable II seeing as how I didnt play the first one, but man I cant get even excited about this because of how the first one was.

    Everyone was all “OMG you can go ANYWHERE and be WHATEVER you want,good bad evil, you even get horns! Omg epic!”Game comes out, you are stuck on a path. Lame as all hell. The game was neat, but it didnt warrant me getting it. I never was that interested. I bet I would like it more now if I got it, but Im not sold.

    Onto this game, I still am not sold. It looks to me like its behind its time. I watched the HD trailer, looks..decent. Nothing mind blowing. It looks way more fun, reminds me of Gauntlet legends in a way.

  2. Looks pretty cool. Fable 2 is not on the top my list of anticipated games for Christmas, but it’s on there. I’d probably get it just to add some variety to the three or something FPS’s I’m getting in around November.

    But uh, that Banshee guy sounded like he was saying…”vagina”…

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