Fallout 3: March to the Monument

Some new Fallout 3 gameplay videos have dropped courtesy of GameTrailers, featuring different locales, enemies and a variety of weapons. This video here is probably the most epic one, documenting a march to the Washington monument through apocalyptic streets and tons of cool big guns. Check it out.

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4 thoughts on “Fallout 3: March to the Monument”

  1. It will be interesting to see how getting weapons is played out in Fallout. There is a skill that lets you build things like weapons so its going to be considerably different then Oblivion, where you only acquired weapons, not make them. Im wondering if there are some weapons that can only be made, and you will never find on an enemy. You can mess around with weapons too if I remember right, like say putting a scope on a gun.

    Its neat to see the gameplay like that, way different then oblivion, much more action packed. While the games are similar and different, its the differences I am most excited to see. I think the game is going to be more face paced in terms of action, but much slower in other ways, getting through the story and whatnot.

    Im getting the collectors edition of the game and the guide book. I really dont want to miss out on anything this game will have to offer. Bethesda does NOT disappoint 😀

  2. VATS is going to be my fun. >:D (Like i have said before).

    Love this game… man i am going to be broke before Christmas even comes -.-‘

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