TGS: Fallout 3 Trailer

Ah, Fallout 3. That game that continues to tease me. I’m seriously terrified of buying this game because of what Oblivion did to me. Basically, I spent 25-30 hours just robbing houses. Seriously. Open world games just own me that bad. I get addicted to the most inane things.

If I get this one, there’s no telling what silly activity might sidetrack me from the hours of gameplay packed inside of it. Anywho, there’s a new trailer from TGS. Cool beans.

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3 thoughts on “TGS: Fallout 3 Trailer”

  1. I cant wait to do some sick things with VATS 😀

    (Ive got some devious plans, i’m hoping that the physics allow for them >:D)

  2. Even though this footage is nothing new, I’m kinda excited for Fallout 3. Not super extra OMG orgasmic – like I am for CoD WW – but happy that there’s a pretty dang cool game on the horizon.

    Did I say this before?

  3. Oblivion ruled my life in High School. Honestly its so addicting. Im WANTING Fallout 3 to do that and then some. I need a game to play right now

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