Today’s WTF: Pay for Starcraft II Three Times!

In an earth-shatteringly epic WTF that’s sure to have gamers everywhere in an upheaval, Blizzard just announced that Starcraft II’s campaign is so huge, it’s got to be split into three games!

Three games that you get to pay for! So if you want to see the full story, get ready to spend $180 instead of just the original $60.

Thanks, Blizzard!

Game Uno focuses on the Terrans and is called Terrans: Wings of Liberty. Game Two centers around the Zerg and is titled Zerg: Heart of the Swarm, while Game Three, Protoss: Legacy of the Void focuses on the last of the races.

While I understand that this is just how business goes, Blizzard’s PR really could have handled this better. Instead of saying “screw you guys, we split one product into three”, they could have said “Starcraft II will feature two huge awesome expansion titles”.

While it’s cool that they’ve got that much content, it’s more than a little disconcerting to see it drop like this. So what do you guys think? Is this new one-game-trilogy something to get upset or excited over?

I suppose it’s a question of what would you rather have… one scaled back version of the three campaigns for $60, or one huge story split across three games for $180?

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9 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Pay for Starcraft II Three Times!”

  1. I can’t say I’m surprised. Blizzard has been milking every cash cow that they could lay their hands on for years. While I’m sure that the trilogy taken as a whole will contain plenty of content, I’m starting to worry that this is going to be like Daikatana, with its infamous “John Romero’s about to make you his b****” ads, honestly. Hopefully the game itself will actually be worth it this time, though.

    The sad part? No matter how much I hate it, I’ll still end up buying it.

  2. It’s Probably just gonna be one game split into three and not very big. Blizz is turning into Nintendo. They want to see how stupid people will get with there money before they have to actually earn the money they get.

  3. To me, the real tragedy of this is that the campaigns in RTS games like this are designed to get you familiar with the different races/armies, etc. So, how are people supposed to get familiar with the zerg army if the campaign is only for the Terrans? My thing with every RTS I play is I go through the campaign enough to learn how each army functions and such, then I go online. This structure kills that completely.

  4. Wow. Blizzard’s got an ego.

    Basically they’re saying, “Starcraft II is so unfathomly amazing, it deserves more than a mere $60 and one disc!” Yeah, whatever. Frankly, they should just package the three discs in one, and sell it for a slightly increased price – $90 wouldn’t be bad. But this is stupid. I was considering getting SC2, but now I’m definitely not.

  5. Depends on how they split it. It means you have a huge awesome campaign (hopefully awesome) it just sucks because you will pay a lot.

  6. I’m not buying the game, before or after hearing the news, but come on, Blizzard!!!! Even EA never went that low!!!

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