First Day Co-Op for Fable II

So I guess we’re supposed to celebrate the fact that a new feature is finished for Fable II that should have been included in the game in the first place. Several weeks ago, Lionhead Studios let slip that Fable II’s co-operative online play wouldn’t be accessible when the game launched. Rather, they would be working on a patch for it.

However, it seems those crazy dudes have gotten their act in order, and the co-operative patch will be ready the day you buy the game. Joy!

To me, it’s a little ludicrous that a day-one launch of co-op wasn’t an absolute necessity before going gold, but whatever. Kind of emblematic of the growing trend of game studios to take a “we’ll just patch that trash later” mentality. It shouldn’t be acceptable to launch without certain features.

Oh well. The bottom line is, you’ll get to come see the world that I rule with an iron fist on release day. Tremble!

Source- Lionhead Blog

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2 thoughts on “First Day Co-Op for Fable II”

  1. kudos to them for doing their freaking job. Games should not be released until they are finished. I applaud them for busting their butts to get this done.

  2. Nice that they’ll release the multiplayer, with the game.

    But I have a feeling, that the singleplayer is so big, you won’t get to multiplayer for a while.

    Except if you want help on a quest or something.

    Still, its nice to see them both released on the same time.

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