TGS: Prince of Persia Trailer

Since the Tokyo Game Show is now in full swing, expect all kinds of crazy news and videos for the next few days. Among these is this gem of a trailer for the new Prince of Persia game (coming December 2nd), which I admit to being completely disinterested in until I saw a similarly awesome trailer for it at PAX.

I loved the first game in the series, and after that it started going downhill. This looks to be a step in the right direction, and I have to say, the art style is just gorgeous. Who else is pumped for this game?

Source- Kotaku

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2 thoughts on “TGS: Prince of Persia Trailer”

  1. Holy crap. If the gameplay does the trailer any justice at all…ok, I’m pretty psyched. Whoever put this trailer together deserves an award. Amazing.

  2. I don’t consider myself a HUGE PoP fan, but I did love Sands of Time and my dad loved the original PoP (you know, the side scroller one), so this new one looks sweet. Plus the graphic style is pretty cool.

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