Portal: Prelude Ready for Download

Portal:Prelude is the incredible fan-made prequel to Valve’s Portal, and it is now available to download. It features a chapter count bigger than the actual game, some wicked puzzles, and lots of dialogue. Best of all, it’s free for you to enjoy.

As I noted above, this game is huge, so the download won’t exactly be a short one. And obviously, it requires Portal already installed to even play it. But surely, if you’re interested, you already have that. Download it, play it, report back and let us know what you think.

Source- Portal:Prelude

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7 thoughts on “Portal: Prelude Ready for Download”

  1. ZOMFG!!!!!! I have been waiting for this game for like…ever (well no but it seemed like the thing to say) I hope it is as epic as it sounds. <3

  2. I just got it yesterday and its really fun, but its a lot harder than normal portal, but its still fun(there is also a lot of bad grammar so watch out)

  3. Seems like the story takes place before GLADos. Just saw some walkthroughs at youtube. Pretty scary, GLADos. Well, anyway it looks awesome.

    btw, doesn’t GLADos remind you of VIKI from “I, ROBOT”?

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