The Definitive Holiday Gaming List

We all know that lots of games are coming out this Fall/Winter. We’ve been through this drill many times as gamers. We’ve gotten used to it. However,  I don’t know if I remember another year quite like this one, with so many quality titles coming out across a variety of platforms.

GamesRadar has put together an awesome list of “The 28 Best Games Still to Come in 2008”, to help you get an idea of what’s in store for you. It’s really wild to see them all listed together like this. I think I want to play about 14 titles on it.

Hooray for going broke this holiday season? How many make your list?

Source- GamesRadar

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4 thoughts on “The Definitive Holiday Gaming List”

  1. A good 11 or 12 of them are on my list. But in a couple weeks I’ll be getting Fable 2 and Fallout 3. Can’t wait.

  2. Yeah one of the dudes playing at PAX was just totally clueless about where to go and what to do. He played for like 10 minutes and it was absolutely nauseating.

  3. This year is almost as exciting as ’07. Well, actually, 07 was more exciting to me because it was a historic year in gaming. Halo 3 was huge, BioShock was cool (lol, understatement), and CoD4, at least in my eyes, revolutionized online FPS multiplayer with the XP system. You’re seeing a lot of that in other multiplayer FPS’s (ahem, RESISTANCE 2!!!).
    Back on track, I’m psyched for a lot of games which look like they’ll live up to at least most of their hype: CoD: WW, Halo Wars, Left 4 Dead, Mirror’s Edge, and some other games. Yes, I’m a 360-fan. Not a fanatic, but I just like the 360’s well-roundedness and largest library of at least decent games.

  4. Only about 5 on there for me. Games cost a lot and I really dont like to overlap. Right now I have nothing really overlapping but I get urges to play different games. I put down TFU to play Ace Combat 6 again (Finally beat it on hard too) Fallout 3 is going to honestly take all my time away. GOW 2 & COD-W@W are the only other games I know I will own. But both are FPS, granted of different styles, but still the same type of game. Failout, I mean Fallout will be my main objective (along with school work).

    This is a bad year for college gamers. This fall there are a shit-load of good titles coming out, and then in the first quarter of 09, more are coming 🙁

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