Mirror’s Edge Gameplay Tastiness

Hard to really say too much about Mirror’s Edge, which drops in stores in November. Watching this game in person at PAX was incredible. There’s something about catching the design and the game in motion that is truly a unique experience. I’ve really never seen anything quite like it. Who knows how fun it’s going to actually be, but this gameplay video has me a little drool-happy. I can has?

Is anybody planning on getting this game? Is this footage not sick?

Source- Kotaku

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8 thoughts on “Mirror’s Edge Gameplay Tastiness”

  1. Basing the game of off Parkur (spelling?) seriously is awesome. Ill prob have to rent this. That kind of street acrobatics is amazing.

  2. Yeah, I love the bit of her sliding down the glass surface, and her running across the wall like 40 feet above the other buildings. Seriously, wait til you see the game in front of you on a TV screen. It’s hard to describe how different it is from these videos.

  3. From this footage and other stuff, it looks like Mirror’s Edge trumps Assassin’s Creed in terms of movement. I’ve always wanted to run around ontop of rooftops and jump off the sides of buildings and other crazy shite, without the hassle of (ugh) physics. [lol] I guess EA is just improving on AC in a way. Anyway, looks cool.

    Uh, but this better be on 360. I bet it’s on PS3 (hence the graphics), but I’m just not going to buy a PS3 for this game. AND NEITHER FOR LITTLE BIG PLANET!

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