LittleBig Number Cruncher

Ok, I know people are probably tired of hearing it constantly, but it’s worth saying- LittleBigPlanet’s toolset is going to allow tons of creativity for young would-be designers. We’ve already seen things like Shadow of the Colossus, Sony’s keynote presentation at E3, Tetris and even a Chocobo Race all made using the LBP level builder.

This new one, however, might take the cake. Constructed out of a crazy series of pistons, ropes, and lord knows what else, this user has created an LBP level that acts as a calculator. If you have trouble adding and subtracting three digit numbers, then by all means, give this one a whirl. The really impressive part is when the camera pans up to reveal the machinery behind the madness. Wow.

Source- Kotaku

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7 thoughts on “LittleBig Number Cruncher”

  1. O.O

    HOLY Sh*T!!

    Thats sweet.

    I wonder what would have happened he he/she had screwed up 1 wire >.>


  2. This is just insane…

    Little Big Planet is just endless.

    Like, forever…

    There’s bound to be a sure, who will find out how to make a wormhole or something…

    A wormhole OUT OF THE TV THAT IS!


  3. That’s really cool and I cant wait until LBP comes out…but I don’t think ill be making anything as complicated as that

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