Tales of Symphonia 2’s Opening Is So RPG

Besides hiding my head under a rock, one of my other hobbies is missing out in video game news that everyone else knows about. Namely, that there is a Tales of Symphonia sequel (titled Dawn of Souls) hitting the Wii in November. Wtf? For those of you who don’t know, ToS was a Gamecube RPG that was one of the shining stars of that system, and one of the best RPG’s of last gen, in my opinion.

I seriously had no clue about this game, or I would have been excited as I am right now. What’s funnier is I saw this back at PAX, but thought it was just the original ToS being re-released with waggle controls, so I barely gave it a glance. Here’s the opening cinematic from the game. Did anyone else play the original ToS?

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4 thoughts on “Tales of Symphonia 2’s Opening Is So RPG”

  1. Played ToS? I ate, slept, and breathed ToS back when I first had it. I’m actually waiting until I forget near everything about the story to do another playthrough.

    Excited about DotNW? Sure am. I just don’t have a Wii which is unfortunate. I might have to mooch one of my friends’ copies if they get it.

  2. OMG WHO DID NOT PLAY TOS?! omg I think I just nutted after seeing this trailer. especially since it seems like they’re actually going to connect stories with the first game. Man this game was epic, more epic than final fantasy for me. Sure the story could have used a little bit of work in the minor parts but I loved how they went so in depth with it. Tales of symphonia truly was and still the best RPG I have ever played in one game sitting. Save the fact that it was slightly TOO long in some ways. Maybe I’m being a stickler but I love the game so much, it bothers me to see Zelos still alive ( I chose the ending where you had to fight and kill him and got Kratos instead =/) BUT OMG TOS!!!

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